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Gonna try a solo HoF playthrough. F/M or F/M/C? + other questions :)


I just finished a ID-HoW-TotL playthrough on Insane, and I’m already itching to get back. I’m considering doing a solo Heart of Fury playthrough, but I’m having a hard time choosing the class and have a few other questions:

- Is it viable to do this without using summons for every battle? I really don’t like playing summoners but could summon help for extra hard battles. I’d rather go in solo buffed by mage spell, maybe priest spells and potions.
- F/M or F/M/C? The priest spell buffs are very tempting, but on the other hand, I kind of want to dual wield longswords.
- What should my starting stats be if I minmax? I was thinking of maxing STR, CON, INT and WIS, putting CHA as low as possible and the rest of the points in DEX, possibly maxing it if I get a lucky roll. For STR I’m planning to settle for 18/91 or better for F/M, or 18/51 or better for F/M/C since Draw upon Holy Might i so easy to cast.
- If I go F/M/C, what weapon proficiencies do you think I should put my points in? I’d like to dual wield if possible.

Thanks in advance! I’m playing the EE on the Switch (never thought an IE game would feel so good on handheld). Any other suggestions or tips are welcome! :)


  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,003
    It's hard to imagine soloing HoF without the animate dead spell, which lets you farm XP in the early part of the game when survivability is especially difficult. Would definitely go FMC and farm XP for an extended period of time so your turning level will be high enough to destroy most of the undead you face. Good luck with it!

  • FelipefplFelipefpl Member Posts: 20
    but I’m having a hard time choosing the class

    Are you REALLY serious about this being your biggest problem? I played 1st time with 6 chars and 2nd with 4 to avoid having the xp divided by 6 and the biggest annoyance to me was going back and forth to towns because of the loot. :P

  • ThoriumThorium Member Posts: 14
    You will be getting so much experience that the most powerful character choice would be F/M/C (if not counting single-class characters like Sorcerer). A F/M/T could also be an option, they can use thieving skills (although I guess backstabbing is not very effective in HoF) and more weapons, but would be much more challenging since you will be getting only mage spells (and scrolls for higher levels become available gradually).

    For F/M/C, I would put ++ to either Morningstars/Flails (usually very powerful option, somewhat depending on random drops) or Maces and ++ to Slings (the only ranged option). For weapon styles, I think 2 weapon style is the only one worth going for, but probably not until you have leveled up a bit (like fighter lvl 6 or 9).

    For stats, I would max STR, DEX, CON and INT. A high WIS is nice to have, but you can cast any level Priest spells even if your WIS is only like 11, so it is mostly about bonus priest spells and higher lore.

    Good luck for your run! :)

  • YespurYespur Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for all the advice! In the end I rolled a FMC but while I had enough patience to get good rolls, I did not have enough to kite every single goblin for a good 10 min before managing to kill it 😄

    I ended up making a Fighter/Illusionist and soloing on Insane instead. Currently reached Severed Hand on that char and it’s been a lot of fun so far.

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