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Colored Text In Conversation Editor?

How do I go about doing this?


  • ForSeriousForSerious Member Posts: 107
    I don't remember where I found this, but it's about as simple as it gets. Add:
        SetCustomToken(100, "</c>"); // CLOSE tag
        SetCustomToken(101, "<cþ  >"); // red
        SetCustomToken(102, "<c þ >"); // green
        SetCustomToken(103, "<c  þ>"); // blue
        SetCustomToken(104, "<c þþ>"); // cyan
        SetCustomToken(105, "<cþ þ>"); // magenta
        SetCustomToken(106, "<cþþ >"); // yellow
        SetCustomToken(107, "<c   >"); // black
        SetCustomToken(108, "<c¥  >"); // dark red
        SetCustomToken(109, "<c ¥ >"); // dark green
        SetCustomToken(110, "<c  ¥>"); // dark blue
        SetCustomToken(111, "<c ¥¥>"); // dark cyan
        SetCustomToken(112, "<c¥ ¥>"); // dark magenta
        SetCustomToken(113, "<c¥¥ >"); // dark yellow
        SetCustomToken(114, "<c¥¥¥>"); // grey
        SetCustomToken(117, "<cŒŒŒ>"); // dark grey
        SetCustomToken(115, "<cþ¥ >"); // orange
        SetCustomToken(116, "<cþŒ >"); // dark orange
        SetCustomToken(117, "<cÚ¥#>"); // brown
        SetCustomToken(118, "<c† >"); // dark brown
    to your module OnModuleLoad script. (You can change the numbers if they interfere with anything you may have already made.)
    In the conversation editor, if you want to make text brown you would surround the text like this:
    <CUSTOM117>There here is brown text.<CUSTOM100>
    Also, if you wanted to make item descriptions colored you can surround the text similarly:
    <cþ¥ >This text is orange.</c>

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