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Earth Elemental transformation HLA - Bug?


I picked up this HLA as a druid. According to some forums on the Net this should also provide physical damage resistance, however, ingame (fully unmodded) I don't get any such resistance.

Can anyone explain please? Thanks!



  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,550
    The vanilla version of the earth elemental transformation does not provide any physical resistances. It's simply a form that hits hard.
    Fire elemental form grants immunity to fire and deals more damage per hit, but only gets one APR instead of two.

    (Polymorph to DRUEAR01. That creature has no resistances.)

    Some mods, like the SCS improved shapeshifting I use, add physical resistance to the form - but that's a mod change, not the base game.

  • MWOMWO Member Posts: 214
    Thanks for the answer. However, looking at the Baldur's Gate Wiki at Fandom, I find this:


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,550
    edited January 19
    Has it changed from older versions? Maybe. I don't know. What I reported there is the current state of the transformation in BG2EE version 2.5. No earth elementals in the game, whether enemy, summoned, or transformed into, have any physical resistance.

    Also, the transformed form has strength 20 and dexterity 14. That article is simply wrong for the unmodded game.

  • MWOMWO Member Posts: 214
    I have the latest version of the game :)

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