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New ideas and suggestions for the future

Hey Beamdog,

I've a couple of ideas/requests that I think sound quite good:

1) Create new interior vertical tiles for proper elevation ( many new possibilities, cave with lava at the bottom, etc. )

2) Change the walkmesh system so as to allow multiple layers of walkable paths ( tie in with the first one )

3) Add item level or stat restrictions as an option in custom modules

4) Full party control in custom modules ( already mentioned, I know, sorry... had to :wink: )

5) Customizable familiars and companions - option to create new ones and add to npcs in the toolset

6) Expand the max area size to something like 64 or more

7) Unhardcode item type weight

8) Transition tiles for many tilesets ( desert to rural, forest to tropical, rural to rural winter, etc. )

9) Diagonal tiles for interiors, "secret door" placeable tiles for some tilesets

10) World map option in module like in nwn2, instead of always using the area transition or portal system

11) New "base" tilesets like the Hells, mountain peaks, swamp, etc.

12) Better and more unique animations for most weapon types

13) Last one, the most unlikely though... make an easy to use editor for spells, voice sets etc. ( essentially 2da editor UI )

I know there's a lot here, but just wanted the developers to see some of them, and if any ( or all! ) get realised, that would be great! Personally, the most important ones for me are 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12.

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