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Shorty Playthrough and EE-Keeper

Howdy, folks! I've been considering doing a Short races only playthrough for a bit. One of the things that frustrated me is that some of the characters I like would be excluded (ironic since part of the goal is to mess around with different NPCs). But that got me thinking about what characters might be better off short. So I'm considering EEKeeping a few (lore-friendly) options into shorties.

The fact that I enjoy Neera's character as much as I do is what prompted this, I'm considering Gnoming her, as we see that chaos mages can be from all races at a later point in the series. Her personality is also a good fit. A few dialogue hiccups, but you can't do much about that (depending on how much I enjoy this I might consider doing something about it with modding or something, I've been thinking about getting into that, but haven't because I haven't had a project that wasn't too intimidating). So my question is "Should I leave Neera as she is class-wise, or potentially multiclass her?" Chaos Mage is a story requirement absolutely for her, but some other stuff could be there.

Also are there any other great candidates for shrinking, Shar-Teel is pretty Dwarfy and even is interested in their pantheon, although for later that would require changing her father as well. For any future work. Jaheira might work as a halfling or something, not sure, that one could be fun, because then could retweak her romance in BG 2, and Khalid as a frightened Halfling seems somehow less irritating than he is as a frightened Dwarf. Obviously Minsc, Dynaheir and Edwin are going to be human because of lore reasons, so I wouldn't consider changing them. Rasaad has to be tall (although he'll guest star in the party for a few nights until I pick up the Big Fist Belt).

Current party plan is Myself (Dwarf Barbarian, I'm planning on using Yeslick in BG 2 or Nephele for Clerical stuff in BG 2), Neera (Gnomified), Recorder (Mod NPC), Montarion (Maybe?), Alora (For Ranged, shame she doesn't start with slings, I'll probably fix that while I'm fixing things), Yeslick (Might use Quayle at the start and swap him out later or keep him) or Kagain (In which case I'll use Quayle the whole time. I'm enjoying Monty a lot, but with BG 1 NPC he randomly kills a lot of people which is a little untenable, I was considering giving him the hat of not being mean, but that doesn't really change much.

Anyways, any thoughts on this? Should I Mage/Thief Neera? Any other NPCs that would be better smaller? I'm having a lot of fun with the concept and I'm really considering a mod to give the shorties the love they lacked.



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