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Can't find my saved!

I bought a new tablet and I cannot find my saved files anywhere on my phone (android) to transfer.

I've searched the internet and people keep saying it's in "Android/data/com.beamdog........." but the data file is empty.

I downloaded it from the play store.

I attached the file explorer screenshot.

Help! :(


  • TaylanTaylan Member Posts: 60
    This is probably a permissions problem with Android.

    The file explorer might be installed as a regular app like any other (instead of some special system app), and regular apps are never allowed to see the "internal" files of each other, for privacy/security reasons.

    Connect the device to your PC/Mac, enable file transfer, and see if you can find it then.

    Another possibility is that there's an alternative location to "Android/data" like if your device has a separate memory card. Android likes to move app data to such "external storage" when available.

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