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I am taking suggestions for sorcerer spells using spell revisions + SCS mods

Mod version of arcane

Hi, what spells to pick? Here is a list of revised vs originals, and what I've taken already. Some of them are slightly changed, some are very changed, some are unchanged, and a few of them no longer exist or are replaced. And it seems like the mod felt that the mage was a little bit lacking in direct damage spells, because stuff like silence and knock have been given some oomph, and some new damage spells have been added too.

Obscuring mist is obviously a brilliant level 1 spell for the way it fucks over the enemy archers. Oh, and did I forget to mention that SCS knows about it and will make enemies use it against me?

Taking dimension jump spell because who knows what kinds of ideas will come to me now that I have the ability.

Spook is a bit less powerful, but it still has a very good -4 bonus with level ups

Detect invisibility seems to be better now: It works every round for 5 rounds, no save.

Luck now lasts 5 minutes. I need to test this new version of it, but I'm hoping that it combos with mirror image like the vanilla one so that the enemy will only hit images instead of me.

Common spells like haste have been nerfed to only 1/2 bonus attack, however I will still take it because it no longer fatigues on expiry meaning I can use it every time.

Knock is a lot better now because it does some damage to enemies, so I want that one.

Invisibility 10 radius no longer lasts forever. Time is money, make it count.

Web is a bit more complicated now, but still awesome and still a staple.

I have picked dispel magic because there is no remove magic.

Skull trap has been nerfed to do fireballs damage, which is something I agree with. It still does magic damage, and it still is a trap which is still a lot better than fireball.

Greater malison penalty is now only -2

Spell thrust at level 3 works on one defense at a time up to level 4. So does secret word, except it is level 4 spell and is effective up to spell level 7. I'll have both eventually.

I'll probably take improved invisibility. SR doesn't touch it. Doubt I'll take other invisibility spells though

Glancing at a few of my favorites it seems to me that the higher up the arcane list I go the less the mod affects me. Spell immunity has been replaced by dispelling screen, which is basically just another version of spell immunity:abjuration, except it only protects from a single dispel or breach. Remains to be seen how SCS scripting will handle that.Warding whip and ruby ray are unchanged. Breach is unchanged. Spell turning is unchanged. So my mid-high level preparation is going to be more or less the same as before, except maybe not as effective because of the spell immunity nerf. Horrid wilting is 25% less damaging and has a save for half damage. Protection from the elements at level 7 does what it says instead of merely absorbing 75% of the elements

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