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Wyssilka the Fantabulous

RigelRigel Member Posts: 176
I saw the picture of this evil halfling on internet and I searched a bit about her. She is a NPC of a Pathfinder campaign, and I would like to buy the book where she appears. Has someone already bought it? Is it in the "Reaper right hand book" ? Do I need to buy the other books of the series or just this one ? I just would like to know if there are a lot of text about her, and about her deity, Thamir Gixx.
I like the idea of an evil halfling deity, particularly for mistreated halflings (a bit like Shar, no?). From what I guess from Wyssilka's story, she behaves like a nice clown but she is in fact an evil priest of the cult.
I would like to play a lind of similar character, one halfling who was a bit mistreated in Candlekeep without Gorion's knowledge of course, and who has developped somekind of schyzophrenic personality: nice and jovial on the outside, but inside her she is very angry, and wants to take revenge against everyone who in her eyes does not behave well towards Halflings (and more general shorties).
I hesitated between three possibilities:
- A jester (with the help of Tweaks)
- An assassin
- Evil priest (not Talos, just general evil).

I tend towards the assassin, but would be happy in receiving advices.
Concerning her alignment, I hesitate between CN, NE and even CE. NE seems to me a bit too egoistic, because she has an agenda, she wants to help all shorties (but the twist is that this apparently empathy fuels a hatred against all non-shorties). CE because she would be be a bit like Shar Teel (concerning her hatred towards non-shorties).

Her party will include almost always shorties, with some exceptions:
- Viconia (because she sees her as a sister-in-arm against the world)
- Edwin (because he has somekind of feeling towards Alora)
- Dorn (because she feels she can manipulate him and she needs some muscle in the team, particularly in SoD)

I would welcome any ideas.

Thanks !



  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 176
    Concerning her alignment, which one would fit the best ? She hates non-shorties because of what she went through in Candlekeep (and as well her own blood ...). Sometimes she may go killing people because of her belief that they are lethal to her own people (and then go giving money to the Gullykin church to win a bit of reputation not to be exposed ... and to give to Halflings as well ...) But she will go at great length to protect shorties and children as well (a bit like Korgan who hates child slavery). Does NE fit? I was thinking more CE (because she is nuts to be honest) but she is not a chaotic killer due to her "agenda".

  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 176
    edited February 4
    I have created an assassin. Finally, I chose NE for the alignment.
    I took the third rolling I got which was S12 D19 (lucky one) C 13 I 14 W 7 (ouch) C 11
    This fits well the character.
    For the moment, beginning of chapter 3 with an all shorties party :
    - Kaali Atropina NE Halfling assassin
    - Montaron
    - Kagain
    - Alora
    - Tiax
    - Quayle

    So three halflings, two gnomes and one dwarf ...

    I am not sure how long this will hold. Perhaps I miss a bit of arcane power...
    Alora grunts but seems to be happy. Reputation moves between 6 and 11 for the moment. Sometimes, Kaali decides that someome that she suspects was unjust toward Halflings need to be killed, but afterwards she gives money to the Temple in order not to be arrested (to the Gullykin temple of course)

  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 176
    Kaali was really upset after getting out of Nashkel mines. There she met a lot of kobolds, brother-in-arms of her crusade for the defense of shorties. She tried to speak to them but in vain. It seems that they were under a charm, because they kept attacking her companions. Kagain got a bit nervous when she proposed to negotiate with them. I will negotiate with the blade of my axe, he grunted. Finally, they had to kill a lot of them before gaining access to their chief, the exploiter, a half-orc who was of course mistreating them and forcing them to bid his orders. Kaali killed him with just a small wound, and let the poison which coated her dagger take him down slowly. She would even have tortured him further if Alora had not been there. But the latter started to cry when she saw the half-orc rolling in agony and Kaali agreed to let the bloody master die quickly. I need to find somekind of new poison for crimes like this, she thought. And of course she made a list of all the kobolds that they had to kill and promise to herself that she would avenge them
    She spoke with Quayle and they agreed to use a lot of sleep spells in case they would meet again kobold brothers and not harm them. Of course, in Gullykin this will be difficult, we will see what happens.
    I wonder if it is possible to spare Jenkal? After all, he is too a victim, of the Ogre-mage who has been using his magic to control him. Perhaps with a charm spell, and getting quickly out of his house - or a Command spell ? Kaali will plead with Gandolar that he spares him.
    Of course she will try to protect the xvarts. She will understand that to step into their village with her band would lead to slaughter them all, and she will convinve Kagain and Montaron to spare the village. After all, how would people react if a band of armed to the teeth xvarts would cross Beregost? As well, she will not kill the ones who try to kill Anabelle the cow (what, they cannot eat ? they do not have the right to eat?). Of course, Laurel will be killed - her genocide quest to slaughter the gibberlings must be stopped.

  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 176
    I forgot to mention that coming back to Nashkel, she was very very upset by what happened to the kobolds and she killed a woman standing in front of the inn (Taris) because this witch laughed when she saw her band of short people in the street. It was the night, there were no guards, just some kind of baldy monk who tried to attack her and fell to a poisoned dart.
    She slept well afterwards.

  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 176
    I would be happy to get an advice on the alignment. Does NE fit or should I change her to CE ?
    I try to RP her as a quite intelligent character (I 14) but completely nuts (W 7).

  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 176
    We arrived to Gullykin. We already had been there but this time Alora introduced us to the mayor Gandolar Luckyfoot. He asked us to help him and the village, and of course we accepted. The problem was kobolds in the ruins. Kaali was not very happy that they would need to kill kobolds. She was certain that they were in fact friendly and manipulated by some human or "great people". So the dungeons exploration was a bit of a nightmare because she asked everybiody to try not to hurt the poor kobolds. Thank to the liberal use of the sleep wand, they managed to get to the REAL troublemakers, a bloody mage and a damned Ogre mage. The final fight was lethal and bloody, because Kaali wanted to finish as quick as possible and avoid to kill kobolds (there were a lot of sleeping kobolds in the tunnels who would come and it had to be quick). So everybody more or less charged, Kaali poisoned the Ogre, Quayle killed the mage with the frost wand (and we lost the scrolls) but got killed by a kobold that Kaali had spared a couple of minutes ago, Tiax got killed by an Ogrillon and Kagain fell to the Ogre mage seconds before Kaali, who had retreated in a corridor, critically wounded, managed to hide in shadows and finally happily finished the Ogre mage. So at the end, just the three Halflings survived (I play SCS Tactical). So we entered into Jenkal house, and thanks to the cloak that Kaali stole (or in fact took from the body of an old sleezy man in Beregost who smiled to her like she was his servant) she managed to charm him and they did not have to kill him. Afterwards, she asked help from the village to get the bodies of her friends and have them resurrected.
    So, due to Kaali's stubborness, the fight was bloodier than usual, and the loot were less (and we need to refill the sleep wand...). But she was happy to have saved the village with minimum loss for the kobolds. She tried to explain this to Gandolar Luckyfoot who looked strangely at her, but was still thankful for her help. The kobolds did not return. Perhaps they were convinced by the speech that Kaali made to them during the fight.

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