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Having trouble with using dual monitors with NWN:EE

I am currently using dual monitors for my Windows 10 (64) PC, and I am having a problem with playing NWN:EE. When I load it to get some game time in, more often than not, NWN:EE opens on both monitors. To make matters worse, the game appears on my right monitor and my mouse cursor appears on the left one. I cannot simply move the cursor from one monitor screen to the other one. For a while, I thought that this was a computer issue, and I have been on numerous forums to figure out why my games are acting that way. People have been telling me to reset my monitors, make sure to have the correct one as my primary monitor, etc. I did all of this, everything is set as they should be, the correct monitor is primary, etc. I recently came to realize that NWN:EE is the ONLY game that does this. Every other game that I have on my PC runs fine with dual monitors. NWN:EE is the only one that utilizes dual monitors incorrectly. Granted, from time to time I try to load it, and it comes out fine - with the game and mouse on the same monitor - the only way I can play - but I have no clue what kind of discretion my PC uses for if it will run correctly. Can someone help me?

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