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Adding Spell Slots to Classes in Nearinfinity

Aware that this isn't necessarily possible on non-magic classes - but how would you add spell slots to say - a dual class character who started out as a mage but then dualled to something else?

I'm toying with the idea of dualling from a Specialist Mage into say, a Thief or Fighter, but giving them more spell slots (up to a maximum of say, level 6) on each level up - probably at a slower rate than they'd normally get as a multi.


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,811
    to edit spells in NI you need to edit the following .2da files;

    this is the bard's spells per day

    this is the dragon disciple's spells per day

    this is the druid's spells per day

    this is the paladin's spells per day

    this is the cleric's spells per day

    this is the ranger's spells per day

    this is the shaman's spells per day

    this is the sorcerer's amount of spells per day

    this is the bonus amount of spell slots druids/clerics get for high wisdom

    this is the mage's amount of spells per day

    how these tables work;
    the numbers on the left are character level
    the numbers at the top are spell level
    and the numbers in between are spells per day at that level for that level of spell

    for the wisdom table;
    the numbers on the left are wisdom score
    the numbers on the top are spell level
    and the numbers in between are bonus spell slots for a given wisdom score for each spell level

    note that if you change these values this will affect all spell casting characters on your team. Also if you change any of these values and you current character does not have your changes, they will be given your changes upon their next level up

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