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Module won't open because . . " was created with newer version of the game"

jimdad55jimdad55 Member Posts: 54
edited February 13 in Technical Support
I realise that this is maybe a Steam issue but they maintain not, although I'm not sure they understand it.

So, I'm trying to get some help here. I use a Mac and have had no problems playing the game. My NWN was bought through Steam and I have it on both my main partition ( let's call it main) and another partition ( other) of my hard disc which I use for testing things. On Steam, for both partitions, I've set my game to immediately update with any new patches. In spite of this in the Library sidebar on both tells me that my current version is .14 instead of .20.

I've contacted Steam support and they tell me that as far as they can tell my game on the both partitions have updated to the latest version but when I try to play a module I recently created using my main partition ( also auto updated through Steam) , and which plays perfectly there, on my other partition, it tells me that it cant open the module as it was created with a newer version of the game. Support says they cant help any further but I need the game on this other partition to do testing. So, both are only showing .14 but one plays everything and the other tells me it cant as the module was created using a newer version !

Any thoughts/help you can offer would be appreciated. Reading this back, I hope it makes sense !

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