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Kaishas Gan Question

I'm going through an evil character playthrough and just finished Werewolf island. While I finished the plot more or less traditionally, it got me to thinking--

Has anyone just killed Kaishas Gan outright in the beginning? Or even attacked her, forcing her to go hostile? That is, shortly after you shipwreck and arrive on the island, before ever visiting the north end?

At first I imagined she would just jump forward to her final dialogue, take the sea charts and run off, and everyone turns to werewolves like normally scripted. But then that would mean the entire north end plotline with Karoug would be skipped/optional, which doesn't seem likely possible.

The big question is, what triggers the passage to the caverns opening up?

Maybe most likely is you just get trapped on the island and the quest can't progress...but was just curious about alternate methods. I don't have any recent saved games so can't jump quickly back to this point.


  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 56
    @jmerry Extremely informative and interesting, thank you very much!

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