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Moonsea - getting past The Innovator of Pain

Apologies for the request for help for a module which has been out for some time.
Just recently I’ve got back into the original campaign which is going well ( and gets better after a poor start) and Moonsea which was going well, but has now hit a seemingly insurmountable problem, at least for me.

For anyone who has got this far, I’ve reached the Dreadspire and have to get past the Innovator of Pain. However, because of some spell cast on me by Wak Rather I cant harm the IOP while Wak Rather lives but I cant get past him to find out how to get to floor 3 to find and kill Wak Rather, then deal with the IOP.

Now, having died trying quite a few times in the pursuit, I’m sure there are no doors I haven’t found to dash straight past him, I’ve picked up quite a few books in the library, none of which seem to offer any clue, while undoubtedly improving my knowledge of the lore of Neverwinter ! There can’t be many other dead men who know more about it now than me. The only thing on that level that must be some kind of clue is you pick up a shard of glass ( thinking use non magic etc) so I equipped that and tried to tackle him with that. NOPE!

So, has anyone managed this or is this one of those situations where everyone assumes everyone else managed it easily so doesn't like to ask ( or no one managed it) and gives up?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


  • PhantasmaPhantasma Member Posts: 76
    There isn't anything obscure you need to do here, you just have to run past him and proceed 'upwards'. I'm pretty sure the door to the next level up is not particularly far away, but if you're still struggling just shout and I'll load a game up and try to see precisely for you :-)

  • jimdad55jimdad55 Member Posts: 41
    edited February 20
    Thanks . I eventually found a video on YouTube which showed what to do. (Obvious spoiler ahead !)

    Turns out I was so worried about being chased by IOP I missed a door with a sharp turn to the left just after the library door. Angle of camera ( and my anxiety!) made it impossible to see.

    Now my worry is just how to deal with the two of them at the same time 😀

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  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,208
    Wak Ratha is a mage, so be prepared to deal with the usual various mage defenses like Stoneskin, Spell Mantles etc. I played through this module as a Wizard myself, so what I did was drop multiple cloud spells (Cloudkill, Acid Fog and Incendiary Cloud) on Wak, then just ran around him in circles (with Haste on, naturally) to evade the IoP until Wak melted under the spells and then killed the IoP with a couple of Maximized Greater Missile Storms. :)

  • jimdad55jimdad55 Member Posts: 41
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