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Suggested mods for SoD

My friend and I've been playing the BGEE and we are about to reach the end of the game. Thus we are moving to the SoD next, hence I'm here to pick the brains of the smart folk.

We've been using the NPC project and Unfinished bussiness mods for BGEE but I believe they do not work with SoD or rather they don't have content for SoD.

What Mods would you guys recommend for us to use with SoD? We are not necessarily looking for mods that change the very fabric of the game but enhance it with dialogue/banter and fixes/small scale additions.

I'm new to the games, not having played any of them before extensively (dabbled in the past), my friend has completed BGEE and BGII EE multiple times, SoD actually is new for both of us.


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