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[Ee Keeper] Easy way to add incompatible weapon type to kit?

I hope my subject line wasn't confusing.

Simply what I want to do is take the thief class, Bounty Hunter, and allow it to use Heavy Crossbows to make it a ranged trapper class.

If this is too hard I may settle for light crossbows, or take an archer and give it some thief trapping proficiency and the snares. But if this is something easy I'd rather stick with thief.

My first post so I hope I'm not violating any rules please be gentle.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,539
    Weapon usability is done through the weapons themselves; they have flags for which base classes can use them, and which kits exclude them on top of that. This is not the sort of thing EEKeeper is set up to do; a stronger modding tool like Near Infinity is recommended for changing around game bits like that.

    In order to make heavy crossbows usable by Bounty Hunters (but not other thieves) ... this framework isn't sufficient. We could edit all the heavy crossbows to make them usable by thieves and unusable by swashbucklers, assassins, or shadowdancers, but that still leaves vanilla thieves.

    In fact, I don't know if I could do it at all.

    So, then ... you know, nearly all of the good crossbows are light crossbows. Not getting the heavy kind doesn't really hurt in gameplay.

  • onomaewaonomaewa Member Posts: 2
    Yeah I've been thinking about this a little longer and it seems my best course of action is:

    Archer, add some points into set traps to make it useable and add the snares via ee keeper.
    Fighter / Thief, dump points into set traps, add special set snare via ee keeper if desired.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,539
    For the fighter/thief version, you could also give that character the Bounty Hunter kit in EEKeeper. That way, they would continue to gain new instances of Special Snare as they leveled in the thief class.

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