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A Time for Heroes module questions

CakerCaker Member Posts: 7
Is there anyone who have tried old module from NWN Vault, A Time for Heroes - and still remember the details?

It is random generator of quests and items somewhat resembling Infinite Dungeon but it is not so long. I am playing it for about 3 weeks for now, and seems now ready to quit it without reaching the late/developed stage of the game.

I carefully read the scarce information available on ATfH over the web. There should be 4 levels (ranks) in each guild existing in main town of module (Leilon). Higher rank in the guild should provide:

1) Access to new quests in other locations (first rank tasks have already bored me completely, to be honest).

2) The option of paid upgrades for items (apparently, there will be heavy upgrades - given that there are already many ID-like items scattered around, which can be sold for 2-5 mln, because even without any improvement they are heavily enchanted).

3) Better prices for the purchase and sale of stuff in guild shops.

If my reckoning is correct, I've done more than hundred rounds on guild quests (for all 5 guilds). There are no changes in my rank though :( Does it mean someting is broken in the script? Maybe this module is not supported in EE Android edition?

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