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Ignoring sidequests until chapter 5?

Previously I've done everything I can in chapter 2 before moving on.

My problem with that is that it means I don't have my full party for what feels the majority of the game.

I'm thinking that next playthrough I could try to do the companion quests for my selected party and any quests that can only be done in chapter 2/3 before heading to Spellhold, and only once I've come back to town would I then do all of the other side quests etc.

Is this a viable strategy or am I going to find progress extremely difficult and need savescumming etc before I make it back?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,531
    It works just fine if you know what you're doing. I followed basically this principle in my current run - do my character's stronghold (Planar Sphere), loyalty quests (de'Arnise Keep, Druid Grove) and character quests, one quest mostly because it's easy (Mae'var), and one other major quest (Firkraag) for key items.

    Then I didn't take Imoen anyway, because Nalia is just better for my party's theme. I had the full party from day 2. It's been quite a while since I took Imoen in BG2, actually.

    Also note - the only bits you can't go back to are chapter 4 (Brynnlaw, Spellhold, the sahuagin city) and Ust Natha itself. The main Underdark area and the side bits can be returned to later, if you don't think you can adequately fight the likes of beholders and illithids yet.

  • VelociraptorVelociraptor Member Posts: 8
    That's a really pleasing answer. Sounds perfectly possible. I was not aware the Underdark could be revisited.

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