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How to create Bard/Thief Multiclass?

ArmarosIVArmarosIV Member Posts: 1
I would like some help with creating a Bard/Thief multiclass (ideally with the Swashbuckler kit) for my first playthrough of the game. Would this be possible with EE Keeper in the base game? What I have gathered so far seems to suggest the opposite due to code limitations, so I might be in need of a mod. Are you aware of any that does what I want and if yes, would I be able to add the kit with EE Keeper or would there be conflicts?

Assuming there are no major ones, what stat values would I need to add myself? I remember reading that editing from Thief to a class kit would result in EE Keeper omitting to give me all the skills and stats associated with it.


  • 723wolf723wolf Member Posts: 14
    edited March 1
    I do not have much experience with EE Keeper as it doesn't work on the Switch version that I like to play on. However, a bard/thief wouldn't be a good combination in my opinion, because searching for traps and playing a song are mutually exclusive. Since there isn't a script that switches between find traps and play song, you would be manually switching every time between battle and moving. Other limitations, bards have less spells than mages. Both can only put one weapon specialization point. Both are restricted to leather (for thief skills) or nothing (for bard spells) until midway through the game when you can get Elven Chainmail (if the random loot gods smile on you or you reload the map when you get the wrong thing). Even then, the elven chainmail has a reduction for thief skills.

    So in light of all those disadvantages, the question is, what could a bard/thief bring to the table that would be worth the hassle that isn't easily achieved by another combination. I would say the one unique thing they would bring to the table is the bard song, since there are spells to find traps and you can bash open doors, with other classes besides thief, this is the only thing to be gained, which is easily achieved with a solo class bard.

    So if not a bard/thief, then what? Bard/cleric would be similar for this character slot but have a lot more to do. A bard/cleric, could use sanctuary to wander around unimpeded by enemies (which is better than stealth). A bard/cleric could use the find trap spell and have a 100% chance to find traps (better than a thief). A bard/cleric would have access to twice as many buff spells (from both arcane and divine lists). The bard would have access to the knock ability which would eliminate the need for open locks.

    If I was using EE Keeper to combine bard with another class, the best choice I can think of is Bard/Cleric. If they are using the Elven Chainmail, the only disadvantage would be the deduction for pick pocket (the most worthless thief skill in the game) and disarming traps (which can be done with sacrificial summons cast from sanctuary or triggering them later with a fighter since they stay red). All that being said, I have no experience with EE Keeper, but quite a bit with Icewind Dale, so while I think that would be the best choice, I don't know if EE Keeper allows it.

    Also, this being your first time around, why even use the EE keeper when you could just go with a Fighter/Mage/Thief? F/M/T could do everything a bard/thief would be able to do apart from singing a song which wouldn't effect themselves anyways. In addition they would get level 8-9 arcane spells, and be able to put more points in each weapon. Also since it is an actual class combo, you wouldn't have to try to figure anything out. Also using robes will make you better, the robe of the watchman will allow you to use cloaks etc. to get great AC.

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  • PokotaPokota Member Posts: 816
    I didn't know the 2E rules let you multi/dual with something in the same category (Paladin/Ranger, or Cleric/Druid, or Thief/Bard)

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,048
    edited March 2
    You're right that the 2e rules don't let you multi/dual with something in the same category. Moreover it wouldn't generally be a good idea even if you could, since THAC0 and caster level don't stack.

  • ThoriumThorium Member Posts: 26
    As far as I know, the existing multiclass combinations are hard-coded in the game and there is no easy way to create new combos. I am not an expert on this subject though, but I think you would need some kind of major mod for that.

    So, even though it is not the same (especially from role-playing perspective), I would suggest trying existing multi- or dual-class combinations. Fighter/Mage/Thief is nice, but also Fighter/Thief, Mage/Thief, Cleric/Thief or Swashbuckler dualled to Mage or Fighter could be good options. If you plan to use backstabs, it is heavily recommended to have Fighter included in the combination. On the other hand, if you want something unusual, you could try for example Cleric of Talos dualled to Thief.

    Also, Bard is a fine addition to any party in IWD both from gameplay and story perspective.

  • Mantis37Mantis37 Member Posts: 1,140
    Take a look at the Might & Guile mod, it has some kits which are similar to a bard/ thief.

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