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Rasaad's Quest

So I'm going through SoD as part of trilogy run. I've ran through SoD before, but mostly just blasted through it to get to SoA. This time I was looking to do a completionist run and so I wondered... Does Rasaad not have a companion quest? His dialogue hints at something going on, but I can find absolutely nothing on the internet.

Bonus question, which companions have notable quests associated with them?


  • RidcullyRidcully Member Posts: 116
    There aren't really any that I would call notable, ie separate specific areas like BG 1. However ones that are recognised in the game (that I know about)

    Neera - although this appears to be broken
  • imnotgodimnotgod Member Posts: 25
    Thank you. I'll look into it.
  • RidcullyRidcully Member Posts: 116
    Not giving too much away but to show what I mean by not notable

    Corwin - 1 event
    Edwin - 1 event, 2 if you include a precursor conversation
    Glint - 4 events although you only need 3 to get the Steam achievement
    Khalid - 3 conversations
    M'khiin - 3 events
    Neera - get her several items and then 1 event. Currently seems to complete after the items and it never gets to the event
    Safana - several events, but all occur in the same place and could be considered to be part of the main story line
  • imnotgodimnotgod Member Posts: 25
    edited March 2021
    Thank you. I've already ran through (most of) the game and encountered all these events. As I said before, I done SoD many times, but always blasted through it. This time I wanted to do a completionist run and I gotta admit I'm very dissapointed with how little content the NPCs have. Most don't even have any, and for those that do - some its not even more than 1 conversation with some random NPC.

    EDIT: I actually find SoD OK - it's a decent expansion and an honest effort without being anything magnificent. But one point the really drop the ball on is the NPCs. So few to chose from and they are scattered in such a weird way. There's basically no fighter but Minsc until you are like 40% through the game already for example.
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