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Min/Max Level to Dual-Class A Fighter (level 21?)

I am wondering if the ideal level to dual class a fighter isn't actually level 21. At level 21 the fighter obtains their last THACO improvement, they gained their last saving throw increase a few levels prior, and they have 11 specialization points. Am I correct to assume that would make the dual class fighter as strong as a single class fighter since they don't really gain anything beyond 21, besides an additional 9 HP. It seems to me everyone suggests level 9 or 13, but lack of high level fighting ability is often cited as a drawback with dual classes. Is that just because folks are sacrificing that fighting ability to dual class too early? I am someone who doesn't mind grinding for hours on story mode so the delay isn't a problem for me.


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,779
    usually the reason why people will dual at level 9 or 13 is because they aren't going to grind, and they are probably only going to have 1 play through of that character, if you truly wish to squeeze every ounce of power out of a dual class fighter, you might as well hit level 29 then dual them over, and then stop leveling your 2nd class when you get your next proficiency point and wait until you skip straight to level 30, so then not a single proficiency point gets wasted

    now when it comes to conventional gaming in IWD, that isn't even remotely necessary, and based on the fact if they are only going to play one play through if they level to 9 then dual over, probably sometime by chapter 5 they will have their abilities back, or if they go to 13, then no doubt they are going to be pretty near the end of How of TotLM ( that is IF you do not have double XP activated based on difficulty )

    and the reason why people even dual class fighters at all is because it gives that second class a lot of extra oomph, especially in a game like IWD when DPS is critical, you want to give your characters more edge if possible

  • 723wolf723wolf Member Posts: 14
    I didn't realize that you could assign your weapon proficiencies to the first class after you go over the original level while dual-classing. I finished creating this character over the weekend and that was the route that I went (to wait until I reached the level above original class).

    I decided to dual-class at level 25 and I ended up with a Berserker(25)/Druid(30) that has the following proficiencies: 5x Scimitar, 5x Spear, 5x Quarterstaff, 3x Two Weapons, and 2x Two Handed Weapons.

    If anyone wanted to duplicate these results this was how I allocated my weapon proficiencies:

    Start as Fighter (Berserker)
    Level 1: x2 Scimitar, x2 Two Weapons

    Level 3: +1 Two Weapons
    =x3 Two Weapons Total

    Level 6, 9, 12: +3 Scimitar
    =x5 Scimitar Total

    Level 15,18,21,24: +4 Quarter Staff
    =4x Quarterstaff Total

    Dual Class to Druid at Level 25

    Level 1: x1 Spear, x1 Two Handed

    Wait Until Level 26 (4,275,000xp for Druid).

    Level 26 (Weapon Proficiency for Level 4,8,12,16,20,24): +4 Spear, +1 Two Handed, +1 Quarterstaff
    =5x Spear Total
    =2x Two Handed Total
    =5x Quarterstaff Total

    There were actually two more weapon proficiency points that are possible to obtain (one that you actually gain at 28 druid after the above) and the other one you could have gained if you waited until the berserker was level 27 to Dual-Class. I had no plans to use a shield, but presumably, this could have been shield specialization.

    Thanks for your help.

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