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Getting Flaming Fist to help at Boareskyr (Spoilers)

W_GorionsonW_Gorionson Member Posts: 13
Hi, I talked to Khalid and agreed to try and get the Flaming Fist to help in a joint attack on the Boareskyr Crusader camp as that makes the most sense to me. At the Flaming Fist camp, the Lieutenant tells me to talk to Duncan (the corporal) but I can't find him anywhere. Everyone else I've tried talking to has been no help.

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  • imnotgodimnotgod Member Posts: 25
    Do you have Corwin in your party? If not, talk to her. If you do have her in your party, you need to talk to the female in plate armour, dont remember her name.
  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 172
    My first or second playthrough I really confused about this too, but...

    I've learned that if you turn the Crusader camp hostile, the Flaming Fist will eventually spawn down south after a minute or two, and the Bridgefort defenders will come out and fight too. I've always found this works regardless of the completion status of any fact, you can even make a bee-line direct to the Crusader camp as soon as you start the chapter and just attack them, thereby forcing the next chapter open. Never have to go to the Temple of Bhaal, never have to go inside Bridgefort.

    So if you're really at a dead end due to a bug or something, you can always just start the attack and you'll basically have the same outcome.
  • W_GorionsonW_Gorionson Member Posts: 13

    I found a solution posted in another thread. I had to talk to Khalid and tell him we were going to surrender. After that one has to tell him to wait in the same dialog session. Then when you come back and talk to him again, the option to tell him you will attack with the Flaming Fist is available again. Tell him you will do so then go back to the Flaming Fist camp and talk to the Lieutenant. She will ask if you want to do it at once and if you say yes the while lot of you get transported to the bridge map to make a combined attack.
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