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For the love of god help me understand ho to play this game



  • VanDerBergVanDerBerg Member Posts: 170
    edited April 19
    but when it comes to "no god class" this is where i find 3rd edition to be even more broken than 2nd edition and you can EASILY make characters that can kill everything on the screen while drinking tea

    Maybe I didn't play NWN enough to figure out these god classes. My reasoning was purely in terms of levels. Compare fighter/illusionist and pure fighter or pure illusionist (or any other kind of mage) at the end of BG + ToSC. F/M will be (I think) level 7/7, whereas pure fighter will be level 8 and pure mage level 9 (or something like that). So, compared to a pure fighter, you lose +1 THAC0 bonus (and also +2 THAC0/damage because you cannot go past specialisation in weapons). So, +3 THAC0 and +2 damage. To compensate, you get all the arcane spellcasting up to level 4. So, you can throw on PfE, mirror image, blur, ghost armor, stoneskin, improved invisibility and make yourself basically untouchable by anything. Then you go sit and drink tea while your fighter kills everything on screen. Compared to a pure illusionist, you lose even less - two level 5 and one level 4 spell slot, and you get all the benefits of a level 7 fighter.

    On the other hand, at the end of NWN, you can be fighter/mage with levels 10/10 on one side, and level 20 fighter or level 20 mage on the other. And the difference between level 10 mage and level 20 mage is huge.
    in fact i had one of those go against the red dragon in NWN without any buffs and still win without using any healing potions during the fight, i think the dragon's name is klauth

    Well, I killed Klauth in 3 seconds with a pure druid using Harm (which I probably wouldn't have at that point if I went multiclass). What was problem there was that my druid had just marginally weaker to-hit bonus than a pure fighter of the same level (3/4 of a to-hit bonus of a fighter). But this is not a problem with multiclassing.
    infact every run i have with NWN in all the campaigns i do them solo style because A) team AI is absolute garbage and they are just in the way for the most part and B ) you get less XP using them and C ) because this is 3rd edition they really aren't even all that necessary granted how strong characters become in 3rd edition

    I only played OC in NWN, but it is not surprising to me you can easily solo it (if you know the game well), because it is designed to be played with only your character and one henchman. What is more surprising is that you can solo BG, which was designed for a party of 6. I don't consider myself a particularly good BG player, but I still soloed BG1 recently with a kensai, and with SCS on tactical and all the modules (apart from the improved final battle) installed. So, whether you can solo something or not does not say anything about how OP classes there are.

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