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Some more questions about importing

LelandGauntLelandGaunt Member Posts: 83
I'm finishing a playthrough of BG1EE right now, after returning from the return to Candlekeep all that's left to do is the TotSC stuff plus the final story portions.
This time I want to try out SoD for the first time, haven't downloaded it yet (Android, waiting till now seems to have paid off, half price at the Play Store right now ;) ).
After reading through some threads on that subject, I'd be grateful for some clarifications just to avoid messing things up:
- it seems that more or less "everything" carries over from BG1EE to SoD, all equipment plus inventory (except for losing your gold somewhere early). Or is it just charname's, but not the companions' inventories? Any exceptions or things to keep an eye on?
- Containers like gem bags and such seem a little complicated, some say they do carry over, some say they don't. Some say they only carry over if you "play BG1 in the SoD engine", what exactly does that mean? Is it like in BG2EE, where SoA and ToB are basically a "bundle" and finishing the former leads directly to the start of the latter, as opposed to my current situation where BG1 and SoD will rather be "separate entities"? If so, is there a way around that? Like for example accessing a BG1 savegame in SoD and just finishing the Sarevok fight "in the SoD engine"? Or if not, would it be safer to just take some of the valuables out of the containers and put them in the inventory (inventories)?

And a related, general question: how is the difficulty in SoD compared to 1 and 2? Is it well "balanced" for such importing things like starting it with a group with all that fancy BG1 endgame equipment? Or could it make things "too easy" to start with for example 50k gold worth in gems and jewelry?
Thank you all in advance!


  • ArviaArvia Member, Moderator Posts: 1,959
    The whole issue of containers plus their content carrying over if you play BG:EE in the SoD engine etc only refers to the PC version. On Android, it's not treated as an extension, it's a separate app and therefore a whole different game. You can't proceed directly, you have to start SoD and import your BG:EE final save.
    So, on Android containers don't carry over (my first time SoD was on Android, too, learned that the hard way), but your and your companions' inventory does, so make sure to take everything you need out of the containers, but be prepared that you can't carry everything (good excuse to use up some potion buffs in the final BG:EE fight).

    I'm not sure about stuff on the floor, meaning the dropped loot from BG:EE final fight. I don't remember if that imports.

    About balance in SoD: You'll be surprised by a few new enemies and different AI behavior, so don't worry it might be too easy with an import. It was meant as an extension.
    Also, I don't want to spoil you, but don't worry too much about being overequipped and too rich to make SoD challenging. There are a few surprises along the way that will require you to adjust.
    Don't expect it to be the same as BG, only continued. It's a different experience, but an enjoyable one IMO. I don't think you'll be bored.
  • LelandGauntLelandGaunt Member Posts: 83
    Alrighty, that clears the whole thing up quite well, thank you!
    Yeah I was already kind of afraid I'd lose the containers, hence the question, so now I can prepare myself accordingly and choose some best-of-goodies to keep around, some Laeral's Tear necklaces maybe (or probably better stacks of star sapphires or some such? Iirc Durlag's Tower has quite a few of those things and they take up just 1 inventory slot), Protection from Magic scrolls might come in handy I'd bet, and of course that second Evermemory, not sure if I'll pick someone up who can actually use that, but it sure is valuable. And because I'm still highly unsure how my party will look or what proficiencies they might have eventually I'll probably hold on to some of the +3 weapons from Durlag's etc. Man, all 4 of those new companions look super interesting, no idea how to get them all in one party :smiley:
    There's loot in the final BG1EE battle? Haha I didn't even know that, when I killed Sarevok the credits rolled immediately... remnants from the original vanilla plus later TotSC days or something to do with mods?
    Yeah well, I admit I kinda spoiled myself a little bit, so I (at least think that I) already know a bit about how things might roll in the beginning...
    Something like you start with your entire BG1 crew, but they leave rather soon and might get scattered all over the place so you'll only meet some of them again much later? Stuff like that sounds like a) definitely a fascinating idea, maybe forcing you to improvise a little more with party members? And b) maybe also a little irritating/frustrating if it catches you completely unawares, which is the other main reason why I'm asking. So just as an example could it be a good idea to take the DEX gloves away from Jaheira before that point where they all say "goodbye"? I don't want to know how that specific point might look exactly storywise or where exactly they all disappear to or something like that, but I kind of get the feeling it might be worth considering stripping them from at least 1 or 2 of the 1st class things like said DEX gloves, is that roughly correct^^?
    And what about reputation and Bhaalspawn powers, do they carry over or are they re-adjusted based on alignment or something? Specifically, will my true neutral Totemic Druid charname keep his goodie-goodie powers or get some new mix? And when I'll soon return to Baldur's Gate City to finish off Sarevok should I stay away from the Flaming Fist Folks or can I go nuts and just kill 'em all? :smiley:
  • ArviaArvia Member, Moderator Posts: 1,959
    edited March 2021
    I played an undead hunter when I imported on Android, and my character carried over the way she was, with stats and Bhaalspawn abilities the way they were.
    I don't remember 100%, but I'm fairly sure reputation carried over as well, because I recruited one of the new NPCs later whose joining makes you lose 2 rep because she's a goblin, and I wouldn't have risked that as a paladin with rep 12.

    I don't know if there was loot in the final battle of BG, but the question is important if an NPC dies there and drops their inventory.

    And about the starting dungeon, since you asked,
    yes, it's a good idea to take a few of the most important items like gauntlets of dexterity from your party members before leaving the first dungeon. You will eventually be able to recruit some of them again, but they won't be equipped with everything you left them with
    Also, holding on to a few +3 weapons is an excellent idea. I wouldn't waste inventory space on jewelry for money, I'd take magical items instead, but if you have room to spare, sure.

    Another not too spoilery advice: Make sure your frontliners at least have some skill with blunt weapons. Fire damage won't hurt to have, either, be it spell or item.

    Edit, about returning to Baldur's Gate just now:
    You can turn yourself in to the Flaming Fist or avoid them (I did the latter. Sleep/paralyze wand /hold person helps). If you want to play evil, you can kill them all I suppose, but I never tried that and don't know the consequences, except reputation drop of course.
  • LelandGauntLelandGaunt Member Posts: 83
    edited March 2021
    Oh okay, thanks for the warning, then I'll try avoiding the Flaming Fist in one way or another (maybe Haste or Invisibility might help). Yeah when I was there the last time I played an evil party, they had no problems with slaughtering all those guys right in the streets because they came after me on every corner, seeing my medium reputation plummet right down to 1 seemed alright at that point back then, I had done more than enough shopping before and after all, what was the worst thing that could happen, they'd start sending some Flaming Fist after me ;) alright, so now I'll try keeping my 20 rep, just need to figure out a quick and safe way into the palace I guess (oh, and into that place where the map to Werewolf Island is too)...
    Ah okay you meant "loot" more in the sense of "your companions' stuff in case they should die there". Yep, in my first Sarevok fight I lost two men, well one man and a woman really, Dorn and Xzara^^ but that wasn't really an issue because I imported into BG2 from there. Guess I'm gonna try and finish this fight without any casualties this time just to be sure, might make for quite a challenge.
    Edit: or if that doesn't work I guess I could just import from a quicksave right before the final battle or does it have to be the "final save"?
    Yeah I kind of figured that there might be some kind of "Imoen after Irenicus' Dungeon"-like situation or something. And I also read from some guys that companions might lose all their good stuff somewhere down the road and just have some generic equipment instead when you get back to them (like Minsc just having some simple +1 sword or so?). Guess I can't save ALL their goodies then, but I'll try to keep at least a handful of the great things...
    Okay, so good equipment has higher priority than mere valuables? Gotcha.
    Blunt weapons, eh? Thanks for that tip, hmm that might become an issue. Looking at the list of available companions none of those new guys seem to be too fond of such things (or even of melee in general?), maybe Glint? Jaheira's already reserved a place in the party anyway, but maybe I'll have to get Minsc back too then and let him focus more on maces than his usual two-handed swords. And maybe favor my spirit bear a little more instead of that super AWESOME snake :smiley:
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,451
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    Chapter 7 Flaming fist ... let's see...

    Stealthy scouting is very useful here. If you have a thief/monk/ranger with good stealth, they can scout ahead to see where the patrols are and go around.
    The sewers help too - no patrols down there, and you can go basically anywhere in the city through them.
    If you get caught once, they'll take you to the prison in the Flaming Fist castle. There's a chance to escape, but after that they're all hostile and will just try to kill you.
    The mercenaries inside the Flaming Fist castle (if you go to help Eltan) are not regular Flaming Fist, and killing them doesn't hurt your reputation.
  • LelandGauntLelandGaunt Member Posts: 83
    Thanks for those extra bits of information about that, I'll try to make use of it. The last (and first) time I was at that point I played evil and just massacred my way all through town, those Flaming Fist were like everywhere. So I figure that maneuvering through town while avoiding rep hits might be a little complicated. But at the same time it seemed like there were some small special encounters with a bunch of tidbits of info about what's going on in every. single. part. of. town. Guess I won't go for all of those this time and most are just optional? Maybe just Flaming Fist HQ, Iron Throne HQ, those two assassins in the Undercellar and then straight to the palace? Or anything else important?
    But I'm still not quite there yet, first I'll have to finish some of the TotSC stuff and then go buying back some of the great blunt weapons I sold down the road as per @Arvia 's advice^^
    And no, Imoen is absolutely not good at sneaking around, but I still have something like 250k gold so I guess I could just buy every single potion of invisibility in the entire game :smiley:
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,451
    There are a bunch of exposition NPCs scattered around the city, yes. Talk to one or two, and you'll have what you need. The only combat encounters in the chapter 7 plot are the four places you named, Flaming Fist patrols if things go wrong, and the maze/undercity/temple sequence at the end.

    Incidentally, one really nice sewer shortcut? There's an entrance to the sewers in the Iron Throne basement, and then it's a very short walk to an exit into the Undercellar.

    As for stealth ... an Imoen who never invests into stealth skills at all, puts on the boots of stealth, wears the shadow armor, and drinks a potion of perception (6-hour duration) ends up with a 70% stealth chance. Definitely good enough for scouting. Or you could stack more of those potions for an even better chance; you'll find a decent stack of them in Durlag's Tower.
  • LelandGauntLelandGaunt Member Posts: 83
    Yeah I guess the sewers might really be a good place to walk around most of the trouble. Think I'm just gonna quickly check out my 2 or 3 favorite stores in East Baldur's Gate to see if there might be some good stuff for the final or the import later and then go through the underground to the quest portions. I'm sure there'll be some good walkthrough somewhere when the time comes or maybe even better some sewer maps because I can never in the slightest remember which exits lead to which parts of town^^ by the way, so far I've only ever found 3 different interconnected sewer areas, is that all of them or might there be more somewhere accessible only from specific parts of town?
    Nah those boots of stealth are one of those quest items I actually brought back to the quest giver (unlike that girdle of piercing), but Imoen does of course wear the shadow armor (best leather in the game if I'm not mistaken?).
    And to get at least slightly back to the original topic: from what I've gathered so far, charname's inventory might be the only place in early SoD where items are really 100% safe whereas companions may or may not have all of their stuff "vanish into thin air" after they leave the party, is that about right? Or might any of the classic quintet of Imoen, Jaheira, Khalid, Minsc and/or Dynaheir work as another easy and most of all SAFE "secondary mule" of sorts?
  • LelandGauntLelandGaunt Member Posts: 83
    edited March 2021
    Sorry if I might go a little over-the-top here now, but as some of my previous walls of text no doubt have demonstrated I can get rather OCDish when it comes to such "planning three steps ahead" affairs, so please bear with me and thanks for your patience.
    The thing is, in order to get a better understanding of the whole system I've read quite a LOT of threads about that topic here by now, and while that sure made some aspects of it clearer, I'm still a bit confused about others. Of course, there might occasionaly have been conficting informations, other things were just phrased in a rather unclear manner and then there were some points which seem special depending on the platform you use (like that Android or mobile specific loss of containers @Arvia described in an earlier post). Plus, some of those threads were already pretty old (some from back in 2016) so I guess that those might very well contain outdated infos about things that have been changed and bugs that have been fixed over time...
    So, some additional questions:
    1. There is that storage chest to which you gain access in the early game after that initial dungeon, somewhere in the palace? And all the items from all the companions' inventories you have at the start get transfered there, but not the things they have currently equipped, right? Only exception here seems to be Imoen who gets a kind of own "personal" chest somewhere nearby?
    2. I've seen lots of reports about problems concerning your "old" BG1 companions that you carry over to SoD who start the early game with all their BG1 equipment, but when they rejoin the party later some or even all of that equipment has disappeared and is replaced with generic items. A popular example here seems to be Minsc who, after you get back to him later has lost his Spider's Bane +2 and instead just carries a regular +1 sword, but other names like Jaheira were also mentioned in that context. Are things like that still an issue or were those rather bugs which have all been fixed by now? Will they still have their good stuff when I get back to them or might some if not all of it get "lost" in the process?
    3. Assuming that points 1. and 2. are as described, a rather obvious but of course pretty metagamey "solution" to avoid possible problems could be to simply strip all companions of all their equipment (or at least of all things you really want to keep) before leaving the initial dungeon, putting it in their inventories and thus making sure it at least shows up later in that chest, right?
    But that too looks like it might possibly lead to another problem cause in another thread here
    It says that this chest has a storage limit so if the game would try to store "too many" items in it, some of them might just get deleted. So the question here would be: is that storage limit really an issue and if so, what is "too many", does anyone know the exact number of how many items the chest can store?
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