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Get rid of bloated dire spiders and just change them for regular ones

sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,570
So something has always bothered me about NWN and that is the bloated dire spider

i've always hated this monster because it always felt unfair, and in the past i have shown my hatred towards them

so finally tonight i checked to see whats up and i couldn't believe the absolute BS i uncovered

statistically speaking in almost every way possible, the bloated dire spider is vastly superior over a regular dire spider

so just to make sure i'm not crazy, perhaps i don't know what bloated means, perhaps it's another way to say paragon or god mode, so let's check up google and see what google has to say;



(of part of the body) swollen with fluid or gas.
"he had a bloated, unshaven face"

puffed up/out
blown up
ballooning (up/out)
pumped up/out


excessive in size or amount.
"the company trimmed its bloated labor force"

(of a person) excessively wealthy and pampered.
"the bloated captains of industry"

now i don't know about you, but when i've been bloated i sure as hell, wasn't empowered, but perhaps they meant more of the second definition which goes by; excessive in size or amount.

although to be honest to me, that seems like a weird word to use for "bigger AND better" but i suppose we should go with that?

anyway, now the real gripe is how stupid strong the bloated spider is, especially compared to its non bloated counter part, so here are the stats and you tell me if this is fair;

they are the exact same stat wise in every way except for the following;

bloated AC is 15 vs non bloated AC of 17
bloated STR is 18 vs non bloated STR of 19 ( big whoop )
bloated HP is 150!!! vs non bloated HP of 55 ( hahahaha really? basically 3 times as many hp? what lol? )
bloated has two extras feats; knockdown and improved knockdown, which non bloated does not have
bloated has freedom of movement vs non bloated only have web immunity

bloated challenge rating; 5
non bloated challenge rating; 7

bloated's actual challenge rating; 11 ( although for some bizarre reason it has a -6 modifier, because obviously it is much weaker than a non bloated dire spider.... )


am i crazy?

is 1 less STR and 2 less AC and then being umatchingly more powerful everywhere else to the extreme justifiable for such a low challenge rating? if i had to bet money on it i would say this is complete BS, i always thought that perhaps there was some caveat that made them much easier than a normal dire spider and perhaps that was the reason why they had lower CR but nope, they are actually just more powerful in everyway with even less weaknesses than normal dire spiders

so my suggestion for perhaps the next patch is either;

get rid of the nonsense -6 challenge rating penalty


replace bloated dire spiders with just regular ones

because as it stands at the moment i refuse to fight bloated dire spiders fairly because they are unfair themselves, i use recall cheese to win every time because they are just too damn strong for the level our characters are at when fighting them

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