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COOP Connection Issues (IWD:EE)

I’ve recently started playing Icewind Dale with 2 friends and we have fail trying to progress due to some connection issues. First, we couldn’t start a new game cause one of my friends never could connect to the session. After some Internet search, we tried Hamachi. Didn’t work either. At least, I found a post where someone recommended to start the game in beta mode. Downloading that version of the game (Road to 2.6, because the other one doesn’t work), we achieved to be all 3 in the same session. But my two friends could only join if I was the host, and the one who has connection issues was always the same (here again, as you will see later).

We started the campaign and everything was fine until the disconnection problems appeared. The same friend who couldn’t join my game without the beta mode activated, was kicked from the game eventually, especially when the other friend or I entered a new building or changed the map. Also, the load times between map changes, even when I saved the game, were considerably more fluid when just 2 of us stayed on the game after the third one was kicked. If we are 3 and I save the game, this freezes for some seconds (maybe 7-10) but, on the other hand, playing 2 people lets me save the game in just a second, and traveling between maps without freezes.

After searching and searching and searching on the Internet, we haven’t been able to find a solution, so I decided to post this before we give up.

Can anybody give us some advice?

Thanks for the help.


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