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Dragonlance Chronicles Persistent World Server is UP

Dementia5Dementia5 Member Posts: 2

Hello everybody! I wanted to get the word out that the development of our Neverwinter Nights mod, Dragonlance Chronicles Enhanced Edition is finishing up.


I encourage everyone to check it out. It is a multiplayer setting inspired by the DL books and has been in operation for over ten years. We are revamping the server and modernizing the campaign construct as a fitting upgrade given the arrival of the new books later this year. This upgrade with EE enhancements and 100% of the worldmap of Krynn has an end date of July 1, 2021.

The legacy server is still active:

IP= or simply select the DLCR-PW-EE_V35v

Here is the main website that explains this in detail along with HAK requirements and signup. Here also is a fresh Discord invite which outlines several features, current and future, that enhance the gaming experience... from roleplaying away from game with dice rolls and rulesets, to narrative based RP from journal entries and game events.

Currently, there is limited DM engagement (most of the admins are working on developing enhanced features for the new rollout) but the PvE gameplay is fully functional with custom scripts, quests and models that are still active and were well ahead of their time when originally published.

Over the years we have had good talent bringing this to life and are now attracting a newly founded but growing community of Dragonlance fans. That said, we are looking for even more talent to join up. We need additional world building support on source material, to include many story telling devices used in recent years and a player base for testing and reminding us just how important it is to bring the fun of Dragonlance RP back into Neverwinter Nights.


Huzzah to Beamdog and thanks to you!

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