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City of Arabel

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The story, thus far...

Chapter One: 1359 - 1361DR

Arabel in 1352 was conquered by the Usurper King, Gondegal. Having secured the North of Cormyr, his realm stretched along the borders of the Stormhorns, north of the Kings Forest, and all the way down to Immersea. His victory complete, he took to consolidating his new country, and driving out loyal nobles and subjects of the Obraskyr regime to Suzail, or outright killing them.

Gondegal named his new country, Arabel, named after its Capital, and began a chaotic regime with a weak central authority. During the Time of Troubles, Arabel played host to Tymora's body, and the city was blessed with prosperous good luck, much to the envy of various nations and parties. When the Avatar crisis ended, Tymora ascended, leaving behind a city still basking in her divine radiance, and eager to spread Gondegal's revolution to its neighbor to the south. Yet, Gondegal was not a good king, and was happy to leave Arabel in chaos without clear leadership or governmental structure.

In 1360DR, Gondegal, along with most of his court, was slain by the White Witch Maura Marliir. Thanks to the effort of Arabel's heroic adventurers, lead by then Crimson Lady Jastyne Vaylan, the White Witch and her Horde were pushed out of the city.
Refusing the throne and the title of Queen, Lord Jastyne Vaylan instead formed the Council of Peers to rule over Arabel, and was voted in as First Peer of Arabel unanimously by the highest Council.

After the fall of the White Witch in 1361DR by the might of the heroes of Arabel and the Crownblade known as Laam Wilaml, Lord Jastyne Vaylan stepped down as First Peer and kneeled before the new King and Queen of Arabel: Queen Kestrel of House Goldfeather and King Matrim of House Obarskyr. The couple's marriage officiated by the High Priestess of Tymora herself, Arianna Redlock the Bloody Baker. Joining the two royal bloodlines as one, the new King and Queen restored the former glory of House Goldfeather, beginning a new era for Arabel.



City of Arabel aims to furnish a cooperative role-playing sandbox for people to tell stories in the Forgotten Realms.
We aim to provide an inclusive environment for both players and dungeon masters to enjoy the game in a low level setting with intrigue, politics, and high fantasy.
Providing a fun, golden aged experience revolving around the canonical city of Arabel in the country of Cormyr.



Come join us!

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    The infamous Haunted Halls of Eveningstar are now open for exploration!

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    Updated main post!
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    Get ready for sunken, sub-aquatic, piratical undersea adventures... 🦈

    With the introduction of our newest, aquatic, system:

    • You can now swim in underwater areas
    • You move slower underwater than on land
    • Water Breathing potions allow you to breathe normally for the duration of the spell
    • In some of the larger maps, there are caves hidden about so that you can catch your breath before you continue exploring
    • Druids in shark form can breathe underwater
    • When underwater, you will have an oxygen gauge at the top of your screen that will go from green to yellow to red as your oxygen supply depletes. Keep an eye on it!
    • And more! Please visit our forums for more information, through the link below:

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    Another custom system debuts!

    Trinity, is a home-brew natural resources system that allows for a more random, yet organized promulgation of resources throughout the game-world!

    For more information:

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