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Weapon Selection if I Have 2 Archers

smoermsmoerm Member Posts: 9
It seems pretty clear that if I were to only have one archer that Longbow would be the best proficiency. But if I were to have a second archer should that proficiency also be longbow, or crossbow?

My party:
Undead Hunter
Swash5> Fighter (this is actually my second "archer")

I'm asking this from a purely power-gaming perspective.


  • ThoriumThorium Member Posts: 34
    I would go for longbow with primary archer and crossbow with secondary archer. Longbows offer high number of attacks per round, but as far as I know there is only a limited amount of magical arrows in the game (at least in the original campaign and HoW). Meanwhile, magical crossbow bolts and sling bullets have infinite availability.
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