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How would you optimise this party with its member's weapon proficiencies as well?

Hi all

Want to play on my iPad and therefore can't use EEKeeper to fix wrong non optimal weapon choices or kit mess ups.

Having limited time to play, the last thing I want is to get an awesome weapon for my druid or bard only to realize the don't have the alignment / kit / proficiencies to use it.

So here is the party, please help me optimise it:

Human undead hunter - Lawful Good with proficiencies in Long sword ** and Sword and shield**
Dwarven Defender - Chaotic Good with proficiencies in Axe ** and Sword and shield**
Human Priest of Tempus - Chaotic Good with proficiencies in Flail/Morning star* and Sling*
Half Elf Fighter / Druid - True Neutral with proficiencies in Spear** and Dart**
Human Bard - Neutral Good with proficiencies in Short sword* and Crossbow*
Elf Mage / Thief - Chaotic Neutral with proficiencies in Short sword* and Short bow*

Please tell me what to change to optimise the above base.


  • ThoriumThorium Member Posts: 34
    edited April 2021
    What is the difficulty level you are using? If you are playing on Hard or Insane, you might want to have ranged weapon proficiencies even for melee characters.

    Some guidelines about alignments I usually use when creating party:
    - have at least one melee warrior with good alignment
    - have at least one melee warrior with non-good alignment
    - have some non-chaotic and non-lawful shield user

    Here are my thoughts:

    Undead hunter: Long sword ++ is a good choice. In addition to that, you could take some blunt weapon ++ (morningstars or maces). Could also pick some ranged weapon if needed. I would not choose Sword and Shield style although it helps somewhat in the early parts of the game. I usually go for Two Weapon style at higher levels (maybe one + at level 6 and another at level 9) to maximize damage output.

    Dwarven defender: Axe ++ is a solid choice. After that, some blunt weapon or ranged weapon. Ranged weapon is not necessarily needed since they could use throwing axes. I would not choose Sword and Shield style for this character either, but rather Two Weapon style later. Alignment could be Neutral since there are some nice warrior-items usable only by non-good characters (although you have the druid already).

    Priest of Tempus: proficiencies seem to be ok. Chaotic good alignment is ok, but I would make sure to have some non-chaotic shield user also.

    Fighter / Druid: this is the hardest one. I have usually gone for Club, but Scimitar, Quarterstaff and Spear are also possible choices. There is one druid-only staff in the game, but I would not let that guide the selection too much. If you end up with Quarterstaff or Spear, you could take Two-handed weapon style. For ranged weapon I would pick sling since strength bonus is added to the damage and there are several good slings in the game. I actually do not have experience with darts: they are fast but I do not know whether they are better than slings or not.

    Bard: I would take Long sword + and Long bow +. Long bows have higher attacks per round than Crossbows.

    Mage/Thief: Short bow + is a good starter, but if you find a good crossbow, you could take a proficiency for it later. Melee weapon could be almost anything since this character is unlikely to enter melee fights. At some point you might want to take Quarterstaff proficiency since there is at least one mage-only staff.

    edit: corrected Priest of Tempus alignment options
  • georgelappiesgeorgelappies Member Posts: 179
    Awesome thanks friend, much appreciated.
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