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Voice of party players in a party (and mute feature) and more

sandronejmsandronejm Member Posts: 67
I believe a voice feature would improve the game experience.
- And mute voice (if a player has a noise or echo).
- Voice feature only if a player is in the same party faction.
- Doesn't need to connect in Discord, it is a internal chat feature.
Edit: Also, make a NPC play a *.mp3 voice file. Sometimes is really boring read custom module texts conversation. We want to hear them.

Thank you for the time reading my suggestion.
I heard about a new nwn premium module, that sounds interesting, but it needs inovation. I had worked on my pw and I d like to share some innovation I made there (maybe it is worth to read).
- A goblin and a wolf are going to attack a player, but a Goblin and Wolf also would attack each other :confused:
- When is night time, goblins are sleeping. When is night time, wolfs are woke up.
- When is night time, you can One Hit KO a goblin around other goblin and dont wake up the goblins around, if you are away 12,8 meters. If you dont One Hit KO, the goblin will wake up the others and attack you.
- If you attack one goblin, it will wake up the others. If you kill a goblin, the others will wake up.
- When you thief a chest and goblins are sleeping, they will wake up.
- Add fruits in forest that reset every day, you can collect a fruit to recover HP useable 3 times/ recovers 6,8% of HP each used, can use one per minute and while use it character stops attacking for 2 seconds.
- Encounter system monster spawn inovation: some times spawn a Goblin Weak (less hit points and strenght), Goblin Normal, Goblin Strong (more life points and strenght). This encounter ONLY activates if you are coming from the previous area, so when you get back track, it dosnt spawn and kill your party members that are also coming back. Also, it has a lot of variety in script, to give rewards items and gold, and it is so rich.
- Half orc village: it is a exterior area where caves are houses hahaha, you enter in a cave and there is a indoor house with half orcs there. And orcs are enemies in forward areas. After orcs enemies there is a city of half elves.
Those are my ideas thank you for read.


  • ForSeriousForSerious Member Posts: 134
    Sorry. This sounds like reinventing the wheel. If you really want voice chat, that's what programs like Discord are for.

    I understand the attraction of having the random person who just joined your party automatically be added to the voice chat, but there are more logistics in this game. For example: One server can have several parties going. DMs can see all party chat, Imagine being able to hear all parties voice chat?

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