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TIps Against Firkraag

DGDKamiDGDKami Member Posts: 34
Ok so i'm about to fith this guy and i would like some tips fighting him, Gear i should bring against him, spells, scrolls etc

My party is Main character (cavalier lvl 16), Misnc dual wielding, currently he has Maces and Axes as profeciencies (lvl 16), Jaheira 13/12, Nalia and Imoen 16 and Aerie lvl 13/13.

Also which items should i pick up for my party before i go into the last chapter? like whats the ideal gear for them


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,712
    edited April 24
    Some general tips against dragons:
    - Dragons hit very hard in melee. Whoever you have up front, be prepared to pull them back to heal if needed. Defensive spells and abilities such as Stone Skin/Iron Skins, Hardiness (high level ability available to warriors), or Armor of Faith will help you last longer.
    - Dragons have very good AC. Anyone who isn't a warrior with a lot of levels will have trouble hitting them with attacks. However, they don't require magic weapons to hit; the only reason for weapons to be ineffective is if they cast a protection spell.
    - Dragons see through invisibility and can't be backstabbed. Sorry, thieves. On the other hand, the two SoA dragons Firkraag and Thaxll'ssylia aren't hostile until provoked, so you can set up all the traps you want.
    - Dragons are considerably magic resistant. If you want your spells to get through and make a difference, lowering their magic resistance first is strongly recommended.
    - Dragons will inflict fear on you. Protect your party with either Remove Fear, bard song, or exceptionally good saves.
    - Dragons are immune to many of the common disabling effects such as confusion, hold, stun, and even slow. They are not, however, immune to fear.
    - Dragons have breath weapons, which you should protect your party from as much as possible. Fire for a red dragon, level drain for a shadow dragon, acid for a black dragon, and so on. They are also generally immune to their own element; there's no point in trying to hurt a red dragon with fire.
    - Spreading out can mitigate the effects of breath weapons. If you encircle the dragon and have your ranged attackers at different angles, it can't hit everyone at once.

    For this fight in particular, you know it's coming and you can start it exactly when you want to. You can afford to prepare fully, so you should. Apply all the buffs you want to use, bring out all of your summons, get into position., and then engage.

  • VanDerBergVanDerBerg Member Posts: 170
    Hopefully, unmoded dragons do not have a habit of casting Remove Magic as one of the first spells. If they do, then best to send just a tank to greet them, so the dragon wastes their Remove Magic on the tank. Otherwise, say goodbye to all the buffs...

  • SharGuidesMyHandSharGuidesMyHand Member Posts: 2,537

    The key to beating dragons is to treat them more like spellcasters than monsters. Keep buffing your party with as many protective spells as you can while simultaneously using anti-magic spells (i.e.: breach, true seeing) to remove the dragon's magic defenses.

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,597
    I generally rely on a buffed-up tank and a mage with a Wand of Spell Striking (available quite early on from the shop that fronts the Red Wizard enclave in Neera's quest).

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,029
    Save-or-die spells can work if you get through their defenses, even 1st level ones like chromatic orb. Traps that only work on enemies can be helpful too as they'll trigger the moment dragons go hostile.

  • DGDKamiDGDKami Member Posts: 34
    I followed your advices and got him on my first try with nobody dying, maybe my characters are too strong? i dunno but i got my carsomyr now haha

  • MrBaquanMrBaquan Member Posts: 36
    I don't know if you're playing with any mods but I consider the SCS component that triples dragon HP to be a must-have for dragon encounters to feel epic for a high level party. They just go down too quickly otherwise.

  • DGDKamiDGDKami Member Posts: 34
    MrBaquan wrote: »
    I don't know if you're playing with any mods but I consider the SCS component that triples dragon HP to be a must-have for dragon encounters to feel epic for a high level party. They just go down too quickly otherwise.

    I'm playing an unmodded EE edition of BG 2. I assumed Firkraag to be this uber hard optional boss (and he did beat me a couple of times prior to this final encounter, granted i didn't know what i was doing) so i think i might've over prepared.

  • MrBaquanMrBaquan Member Posts: 36
    They can still be dangerous if you're ill-prepared, their breath especially can one shot even a fairly healthy character. The biggest issue is that Firkraag only has 184 hp in the unmodded game! Less than characters in your party may have.

  • ithildurnewithildurnew Member Posts: 237
    edited May 7
    You have a level 16-17 ish party. A well prepared balanced party at that level should trounce vanilla unmodded SoA dragons without breaking a sweat.

    People used to regularly solo SCS dragons at those levels without much trouble; especially if using an arcane caster.

  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 854
    greater malison + finger of death can solo all vanilla dragons in the game minus abazi

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