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Zhurlong's Boots bug?

It's been a long time since I've played BGEE, so apologies if I'm missing something.

I'm in Chapter Two and I still have the Chapter One quest "Zhurlong's Missing Boots".

I've killed every hobgoblin I can find in area AR3800 including the ones near 1900, 2670 and none dropped Zhurlong's Boots. I did get a bunch of gems, arrows, swords, etc. I waltzed through this area earlier but never came near this location (I kept to the path). I will try a reload from earlier saves to see if they show up.

Game version is - were the boots moved to another location perhaps? Thanks! -Fred


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,710
    The hobgoblin with the boots doesn't just show up in AR3800. It also appears in AR3900, at (1951, 2605).

    Whichever one you kill first drops the boots, and sets a global variable "NotHaveBoot02zh" to 1. Once that variable is set, any remaining instance of that hobgoblin loses the boots. The hobgoblin, in both places, is pre-placed and can be distinguished from other hobgoblins with its green outfit.

    At least, that's how it works in 2.5, and I don't see any reason this would be changed.

  • FredSRichardsonFredSRichardson Member Posts: 445
    @jmerry - Thank you for the response!!

    This is a false alarm on my part! I turns out there was a "hidden pile" - it was behind a bush and I couldn't see it. Maybe I need a "pile highlighting" feature or just better glasses LOL!

    NearInfinity came to the rescue for me. I ran the latest version of that, loaded the game, opened AR3800 from my SAV file and sure enough one of the piles had BOOT02ZH.ITM (Zhurlong's Boots) in it. I went to the X/Y location and sure enough there was a pile there I just couldn't see. Hah! I'll have to be a bit more careful...

  • FredSRichardsonFredSRichardson Member Posts: 445
    Oof, a bigger problem I ran into is that I never picked up Mirianne's letter and that's gone from the area. Think I'm just going to do this area over again...

  • ChroniclerChronicler Member Posts: 1,341
    Maybe I need a "pile highlighting" feature or just better glasses LOL!

    If you press tab, it'll highlight the piles. There's also a toggle in the corner with the AI and the Select Party button you can click to turn it on and off.

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