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Neera Romance Stalled ToB

I had a look for this elsewhere but couldn't find anything with quite the same issue.

I'm playing through Throne of Bhaal for the first time with a Neera romance. Getting pretty close to the end I think (just took out the last of the Bhaalspawn). Problem is, I haven't had any romance dialogue trigger outside of quests. I got a bit suspicious so I checked on YouTube and found a load of conversations that just haven't triggered for me. I've completed Neera's personal quest, but never had a follow up conversation. I refused to sell her mechanical bird in Amkethyran.

I've checked on EEKeeper, and her romance is still set to 2.
NeeraLoveTalksTimer is stuck at 3766148
NeeraLoveTalks is set at 31

I didn't know if ToB romances are gated by progress, so I just kept playing, but I've definitely missed out on a few convos at this point.

I've tried changing the values in EEKeeper and resting, but doesn't seem to trigger anything. Anyone any ideas?

Appreciate any help!

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