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Party assistance

TheMikeFiveTheMikeFive Member Posts: 30
I need help with a new party build. Is it possible to get through the baldur's gate trilogy with 5 blackguard paladins, which kit would be the best? I can have charname be a Thief/Mage but am worried if i will have enough healing.

If i'd pick a party with 5 sorcerers which spells should they have and what kind of character should charname be, since I don't want one frontliner who will just die since then I have to reload?

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  • CLsdlt80CLsdlt80 Member Posts: 81
    I've never tried these setups, but if I'd have to choose one of those alternatives I'd pick sorcerers party and pick summon spells (even weak ones for the distraction and aggro management), crowd controllers like horror and sleep, Malison obviously (though that one is level 4)... speaking about saving throws: noticing spells that make it tough to save vs spell.

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