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Sound Question

Sir_DraxSir_Drax Member Posts: 2
Hi new to the message boards and wanted to ask a quick question-when I right click a creature(such as a goblin) no sound is made and it’s always been that way since I bought the game-is that a bug or just how the game is? I know the Baldur’s Gate games are full of character/creature sounds but Icewind Dale seems pretty quiet-although the cows in Kuldahar oddly are able to moo for me haha.

Also on a related note, is it possible that the sound bug in BG2EE(where creatures are now silent when you right-click them)plus the incorrect biography bug in IWDEE can be fixed in a relatively short period of time rather than be included with hundreds of bug fixes that takes a substantially longer amount? Thank you for everything else that’s been fixed and improved though?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,881
    not sure about the 2nd question but to answer the first;

    IWD has always been like that, the reason why the cow still does it's moo is because it is directly copy pasted from bg1, so any characters or creatures that are directly copy pasted from BG1 will have a "right click" sound

    i guess when they made IWD they were just to lazy to add "right click" creature sounds, thankfully, they kept them still for bg2
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