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Suggestion: Use the Journal Interface that is used in IWD for the Baldur's Gate games

wavingbugwavingbug Member Posts: 58

I started playing Icewind Dale Enhaced today and coming from BG1/2EE I was pleasantly surplised by how the Journal is implemented there. I think it the layout is much clearer it fits better with how the rest of the interface is presented. In the BG games the Journal always stood out in a way. It feld so vastly different from the rest of the interface elements, like the inventory, character sheet and all the rest.
The best thing about it is that the user entries have their own section and the quests are divided into unfinished and done quests.

If that change is not on the horizon currently at all, is it possible to use the IWD UI for the BG games?

Thanks for your help and time,

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