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Dual Strongholds?


I read somewhere that if I complete Planar Sphere first and then De’Arnise, I will be offered both strongholds.

Well, I have accepted Planar Sphere and just killed Torgal in De’Arnise, yet there was no offer of De’Arnise to me. Naliah simply asked to stay with my team. I am a fighter-mage by the way.

I know how the sequence plays out for the offer of De’Arnise as a stronghold as I had earlier completed De’Arnise before Planar and was offered the Keep.

But after reading this particular strategy guide that suggested that I can get both if I complete Planar before De’Arnise, I replayed the game in this sequence. But there was no offer of De’Arnise as my stronghold, as I mentioned above.

Could it be this dual stronghold was taken out in the EE? Or I missed something in the De’Arnise quest?


  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,037
    That bug was fixed years ago, but there are mods that allow you to have every stronghold if you so choose.

  • TomRenethTomReneth Member Posts: 12
    I think most dual-stronghold bugs were fixed in the Enhanced Editions, but I know of one that is still in the game. If you're a Fighter/Druid (multi- or dual class) and you do the Fighter stronghold quest, you still get to do the last quest of the Druid stronghold when you reach Druid lvl 14. This is still true as of Patch 2.6.

    This only means the last quest, however, not the other ones, but that still gives you most of the rewards apart from exp. This includes a Guard's Ring and the Druid class being renamed to Great Druid on your character sheet.

  • mangoaksmangoaks Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for clearing that up. I’m already some ways into the game as a fighter m-mage (and maybe I’ll find the passion to replay the game as another class) but for now, if I were to install a mod halfway through, will I be able to keep both Planar and De’Arnise?

    This is probably a whole new topic which I’ll have to research but if you could give me a quick idea - can I just turn the dual strong hold on without having the rest of the cheats? And, which would be a recommended mod which works best with 2.6?

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