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Quests, items, dialogues only for specific classes


I heard that there are quests, items and dialogues/interactions that only are available to specific classes. I read that this is the case for Druids, Bards and Barbarians, although I don't know what exactly is involved in that. Are there other classes are interesting in that regard as well? Could you squeeze all of those into a party in order to get the most out of a single run?



  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,922
    the answer is yes, but in the short, medium and long run, it will not revolutionize your group, they are very small bonuses at most and dont offer anything ultra amazing, except for perhaps the fact is that you need a paladin to get pale justice ( which is fine since only paladins can wield said sword ) plus bards can upgrade a talking scimitar i believe if they have a certain book on them....? for the rest, it is just basically small XP gains that you could easily get just by getting waken up from some enemies from the severed hand
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