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Max stats

1. Is there a maximum thaco unbuffed (improved only by class and level)?

2. Is there a maximum thaco buffed (improved also by items and spells)?

3. Is there a maximum ac unbuffed (improved only by worn items)?

4. Is there a maximum ac buffed (improved also by spells)?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,656
    1. yes

    the best your base thac0 can hit is 0, which only warriors can achieve at level 21 ( fighters/ paladins/rangers/ monks ) although items, spells, class abilities and weapons can decrease it further

    2. don't think so...? and even if there was a limit there is no creature in the game that requires a thac0 realistically pass -20, i believe yaga shura's AC the first time you meet him is low as hell ( around -20 o so ) but other than that, most creatures will not get that low ( although dragons can average anywhere from -12 to -16 or so )

    so for hind sight, if you are a warrior type and you hit -10 for thac0 ( with or without buffs ) then you should be good to go

    3. yes

    the lowest AC you can achieve is -26 ( -20 from items, class abilities and the such ) and -6 more for dexterity

    4. im going to say also "yes"

    so when it comes to your AC as i said you can hit as low as -26, but on top of that you can get AC modifiers to make it even harder for enemies to hit you, the maximum AC modifier you can have is -20 though ( vs slashing, piercing, crushing or missile ), so for example;

    if you have -26 AC and a -20 missile modifier that means your AC vs missile weapons is counted as -46

    plus, you can get some "generic" modifiers from protection from evil spells, which gives evil creatures an additional -2 to hit, and improved invisibility type effects which also gives enemies a -4 to hit

    so in theory, that absolute "best" AC you could have against an attack is "-52" which isn't necessary since no enemy in the BG series has that good to hit

    abizigal in human form has the best thac0 out of any creature throughout the whole series, and i believe his thac0 is around -22 or so altogether ( maybe -26? ) something like that

    actually now that i think of it, demogorgon i believe has around -22 thac0 as well

    and then perhaps yaga-shura, i believe he is quite low to, perhaps around -16ish...?

    but after those select few, on average even big boss types will have around -12 or so thac0 ( even in ToB ) at most

    in fact i had a halfling swashbuckler with -25 AC and even in ToB lots of baddies were missing him with 19s, so if you can somehow get that low, then you should be good to go

  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 860
    Demogorgon has insane AC even vanilla. A priest can't reliably bop him even with maxed out stuff + invisibility

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,656
    SirBatince wrote: »
    Demogorgon has insane AC even vanilla. A priest can't reliably bop him even with maxed out stuff + invisibility

    demogorgon has -16 AC

    so if you are using a priest with a +5 sling, +4 bullets and have 18 DEX being at least level 22 that would make your thac0 -7 making it so you could hit demogorgon with 9s

    if you had same priest with 24 DEX ( from potions or DuHM ) and mits of weapon skill, your thac0 would be -10 making it so you only need 6s to hit him

    if you did same priest with 7 levels of fighter and then dualled over to cleric and had grand mastery in sling with all of the above then you would be at -13 thac0 and you would be able to hit him with 3s

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