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Main character disappeared


I am playing EET, with a few other mods installed, in case that makes a difference.

When my party arrived in Brynnlaw my charname’s sprite has disappeared. Everyone else in the party remains normal. Charname still has a green circle round his feet and I can select and command him as normal. His paper doll in the inventory screen still shows up, and if he casts mirror image then the correct set of mirrors shows up around him. He doesn’t count as being invisible in gameplay terms.

Any ideas what might cause this and how to fix it? I have had a look comparing this save file with an older one where the sprite was still showing in both EEkeeper and near infinity but I can’t spot anything that’s different. Changing the character model in EEkeeper didn’t help either - it changed the inventory screen paper doll and the mirror images but the main sprite was still missing.

Thank you!

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