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Danno Won't Spawn For Mazzy Quest, Need Help

I'm playing the latest version of BG2EE and have not been using Mazzy in my primary party, but I'm a completionist, so now I'm trying to do her quest and no matter how long I rest and move between areas, Danno is not appearing to summon Mazzy home.... I killed the shade lord without her in the party and completed Umar Hills/Trademeet quests without her if that has any bearing. Anyway, this is really bugging me, pun intended. Is there something I'm missing here? I also killed gorf the squisher with her just in case, and as expected, still nothing. I really do not want to use console commands because that is cheating, and I can't stand anything deemed as such.


  • NezarethNezareth Member Posts: 5
    Literally right after I posted this, I rested some more inside my guildhall and am speaking to Danno right now, so please disregard this. Coincidently, or perhaps it helps, I went and talked to all her family members first, then went to Athkatla and rested, and that seemed to do the trick. Probably just more time was needed but that took forever compared to other companions. Thanks anyway though.

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