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How does Offensive Spin work with Flail of Ages +5?

VicissitudeVicissitude Member Posts: 23
So a lot of people complained when the game was patched so the Free Action provided by the +5 version of FoA prevented the wielder from being (improved) hasted, making the +5 version somewhat weaker than its +4 counterpart. This made the king of weapons less appealing all of a sudden for warriors, but what about Blades?

From what I've read, in the original Baldur's Gate, Offensive Spin was composed of a Haste effect plus a -2 THAC0 bonus, a +2 damage bonus and finally maximum damage for all successful attacks.

In the Enhanced Edition, from what I understand, in place of a Haste Effect it's a Movement rate set to 200%, a bonus of +1 attack per round and finally a rejection of all (improved) Haste effects! In this regard it now kinda works like FoA free action.

But how is Offensive Spin affected by FoA's free action, exactly? I can certainly guess the movement rate goes away, but what about the +1 APR bonus and the maximum damage?

Since the +1 APR is an exclusive bonus provided by Offensive Spin and no longer the result of a Haste spell it should not fall under the Free Action's rejection of Haste, which means the Blade should get maximum damage AND the extra APR using OS and FoA +5... but does it really work this way in the current patch? If so, does it work as intended or is it a bug?

If APR and max damage are retained, I find it very interesting because it gives the Blade a particular feel with FoA +5 while warriors would often let it stuck at +4 to keep using Improved Haste.

Can someone confirm/enlighten me in this matter?



  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,793
    The extra attack per round should work. The extra movement speed will be blocked.

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,958
    Incidentally, it's always been possible to use improved haste to get extra attacks with someone using the FoA - just unequip it before you cast the spell, then reequip it afterwards. You'll lose the haste effect when you equip it again, but keep the extra APR. Some people will no doubt regard that as too much hassle, but it can help in more difficult battles.

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