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My no thief no mage challenge

DhariusDharius Member Posts: 475
After finishing BG2 for the Nth time after as usual pickpocketing everything that moved, and after having my car broken into this week...I've decided to go for a no thief, no stealing challenge on my next run.

Here's my intended party:

Charname (LG human dragon disciple who hates thieves) - learnt Knock and Invisibility naturally...
Minsc (for stealth)
Rasaad (For finding traps and stealth)
Anomen (his Find Traps and Sanctuary spells will probably be useful)
Valygar (backstabbing is still in, and probably necessary for all those soft mages I'll encounter, after he uses his Haste ability)

No mages, because it involves learning scrolls, which I'll probably need to sell in order to get money as I can't steal from stores...

Looting bad guys' dungeons is obviously still on the cards.

The aim is to finish off Hexxat at first sight, and probably Dorn. Also will avoid Yoshimo as Charname won't trust him.

Money, key magic items and the XP forfeited from not being able to pickpocket, disarm traps or pick locks will hurt a bit, but I wanted to play a 'clean' game for a change, considering the feelings of all those Amnish commoners I've exploited in the past.

Only in Irenicus' dungeon so far...I hope I don't get bored...

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  • DanacmDanacm Member Posts: 872
    Just read the title i thought you play without thief and arcane magic at all :smile:

  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 475
    Well I am sort of, just using alternatives where I can. I have done a TOB-only run many years ago without thieves and mages before, only warriors and divine spellcasters, and it was fine...even defeated Demogorgon without too much trouble. Luckily there are enough divine spells in the game to survive on without arcane ones. But I do love stealing stuff (in game at least, not in real life).

  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 475
    Just finished Harper/Xzar quest, and y’know what, it’s actually a refreshing need to faff about with robbing everyone I meet, I can focus on the story more, and everything is happening much quicker. Also mundane spells like Spiritual Hammer, Knock, Friends and others are suddenly becoming relevant, and simple Splint and Plate Mails I find are actually useful. Combats are more of a challenge too, but in a good way.

    Jaheira now has a Staff Spear she can bash/poke vampires with. It turns out that greed is in fact bad after all....

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