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Sup all ^^ forgot to do my hello i'm new post

Well i guess i haven't gotten banned yet from the place as a troll, sorry i'm old all most 50 of age and i'm use to how things were once where but are no longer, ill run off my forum admin 6th sense skills "bin many times admin/mod" and see if i can chat some in this place with out err getting on anyone bad side, just remember i'm like windows 98se "IRC NO RULES" old and lol yes i know what toll is. ...

Anyways on with the on topic post.

35+ years Vet PNP D&D and this seems to be the place to talk about the best D&D games ever made.

So hears goes nothing and remember the simplest way to RPG is not to but pretend to , just be you, example ;)

I tricked em all on badlands server ... nm insider joke.

Hi Mu name is, ... and i am .... Remember D&D isn't real life right ... lets all keep telling our self's that. .. :D

An eye with rays around it, known as the Shining Eye

Home Plane:
The Infinite Library

Lawful Neutral

Hidden knowledge, magic, psionics, hidden things, scholars and knowledge in general.

Clergy Alignments:
Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral

Domains: Magic,Time, Artifice, Creation, Law

Favored Weapon:

Archmage Splatter the first wizard is the god of magic:

He is also renowned as the god of secrets and hidden knowledge, and is revered by many in Westhome. He is said to know all things in the multiverse,and rules in his home plane, the Infinite Library, said to contain all books ever written. He appears as a birdlike being with the head of a falcon and glowing white eyes, clad in indigo robes and blue plumage, wielding a quarterstaff as his most favored weapon. His petitioners, known as Falconlings, are summoned to the Prime by his followers, and are said to know the knowledge of past events and future happenings.


Honor knowledge above all other things. Do not destroy knowledge, for that is the one unforgivable sin, even if that knowledge is abominable.

Clergy and Temples:

Archmage Splatter has a great amount of clergy, but relatively few clerics, and he has a relatively small order of Paladins, the Knights of the Rubric. His temples often double as libraries and garrison quarters for his Paladins.

We all have our options and are entitled to them, mine is no more important then the next.

Whether you see wisdom in mine, your own or some one different is of course up to you seeing as it is not for me to tell you what you should or shouldn't think, I can only show you doors, you must pick the one you wish to go threw.

I know everything yet I know nothing for I only know more then some but less then others.

Closed mindedness and intolerance to differences of options walks hand in hand with pride and ignorance.

We are creatures of habit,habits become stronger with age and we fear change and that which we don't understand,that which is different.

Wisdom & Intelligence is the ability to use knowledge.
Knowledge is the ability to see that which is obvious for with out it nothing ever is.
And there is no knowledge that is not power.

How you use it Whether for good or evil defines you, and theirs is a little bit of everything in all of us.

Time & History is a wheel that turns on it self, what once was, what is and what will be has all ready happened and will happen again for the doom of all is that we forget and so evil was allowed to live for it lives in us all just as good douse and some things that should not have bin forgotten returned once more and tried to turn the world to darkness for we are all our own worse enemy's and no grater foe will you find in life besides the one you see in the mirror.

When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
Death smiles at us all and all we can do about it is smile back.
What we do in life echos threw eternity.
Truth is the greatest weapon you will ever have vs evil.
I give hope to others,i leave none for my self.
Death before dishonor

PS: White hat Haxor 40 years video games, computer tech work from home, o ya 40 years of video games... long time ....

So whats up all ! lolz



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  • ArchMage_SplatArchMage_Splat Member Posts: 12
    edited May 31
    Tnx , reality land !

    D&D is not realty ,ok lets all keep telling our self's that =)

    Moving on, i'm a computer shop owner that works from home though ill do house calls to buy/sell/trade/Mr. computer fix it for cheap !

    Besides that i'm a vintage computer hardware collector and well underground computer store.
    We beat all prices !

    In my free time i tend to video game in abandonware or hardcore cult following video games mostly online, offline video games i got bored after 40 years of ya played that one before or something like ....

    Just started using for my own use win7 "for under 12 months"

    Its like all new to me, held the line in winXP to the bitter end and did the same in win98 .....suck getting old ... anyways.

    More then that i saw vista coming at some point and i went running for the hills to opensource Linux/UNIX as my work pc, gamer pc just got upgraded to win7.

    Btw massive forum, if you want to talk about D&D + Video game i guess i found the right place.

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