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LoB strategies against Belhifet

Are there strategies for this fight? I find it extremally difficult. I'm barely able to injure him.

My team is Cavaliar Charname, Glint, Viconia, M'Kiin, Corwin, Baeloth.

Right now I have a strategy in mind. I will try to put everybody on invisibility briefly and will try to get aggro to my tank. Once this is done, and Belhifet already used his summons it will time to act. I will use lots of summons and web on the mobs, will try to kill minions (and Haephernan) first. At first I thought the amount of Belhifets minions is infinite, but it seems that he has only 2/3 spells. I think I may have to reload to get a wand of summoning fully charged...

Initially ofc I need a lot of potions to prevent being feared.

I saw the video with the guy soloing him, but I think my charname is not beefy enough. Alternatively I will try to use it if everything fails. I have mastery points in maces and axes, and one point in scimitars. So I guess no morningstar with -15% health for me...

I think I should be able to kill his minions using above strategy, but not being able to hit him is another problem. I guess I need to breach his resistances, but still, I have only Bealoth and he has just 5 casts of it. Need to dispell invisibility as well somehow (though priests have true sight).

Did any of you completed that fight? Did you have any strategy?

As far as the run went, I relied heavily on luck, some fights needed to be replied a bunch of times to work.


  • alice_ashpoolalice_ashpool Member Posts: 261
    edited June 2021
    welcome to the hardest LoB fight in the whole quartet.

    If you have brought plenty of Potions of Heroism and Durlag's Goblet you should be able to beat him down with your Cavalier. Only Bel can see through invisibility (though it is somewhat complicated), so Cavaliar can gain aggro and tank while Corwin with Archers Eyes and void-tipped arrows fire onwards. He's also immune to +2 wepons or lower and afaik there are no +3 maces or axes. Suggestion: even without proficiency you should be able to use Martyr's Morning star + enchanted weapon and the thac0 penalty for doing so with a melee class is only -2 which 24STR, Potion of Power and Potion of Heroism should help with. If you have a pip in single weapon style that would also give you 10% crit chance.

    Also - to go all out, Viconia should be able to buff your main with 10x Champions Strength scrolls in the lift which would drop your thac0 by something like -30 points, which would make Bel unmissable until they start running out (30 rounds at caster level 10), even without proficiency.

    Bel has 100% MR (i think with his items), casts on will Improved Invisibility meaning targeting is very hard, and has near perfect saves - beating him down in melee is the easier option - which should be do-able for you with the right prebuffing and overall strat.
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