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Can't find out that Dakkon is my S...poiler after speaking to Fell :-)

Should I not get an option to talk about the tattoo and find out he is my slave?
I had Wisdom 15, so I did talk directly to Fell.
Is there an console option to make it possible, without playing again?


  • LaelapsLaelaps Member Posts: 10
    You need to bring him severed arm from the catacombs crypt first and talk about those tattoos. Then you should ask Dakkon to translate whatever Fell tells you. You need to understand Dabus language so you can catch the fact that Dakkon skipped the slave part. Then you can ask Dakkon about it.
  • TeskalTeskal Member Posts: 10
    Yeah, I know. This is in my opinion a logic-bug.
    It is this unlogical letting Dakkon translate if TNO understands Fell. Also Dakkon knows that I speak Dabus, already. He was in my group while I talked to Fell few times.

    So I hope I can switch a setting with the console to make this talk possible.

    It would be cool if such bugs would be removed. Also for example Sebastion, after speaking with him about removing TNO's scars, it is not possible anymore to speak about other stuff. There is no reason for it. I mean, if I tell Byron Pikit I will investigate the Trist affair, it is makes sense that he do not want to talk with TNO anymore.
  • LaelapsLaelaps Member Posts: 10
    If you didn't understand Dabus language it would not be possible to catch Dakkon lying, so you would have to learn that language without Dakkon in the party and then never show him that you have such ability. It would be more realistic, but it would be much more cumbersome from the gameplay / player fun point of view. I kind of get the point of what is happening in that situation in the game and I can suspend the disbelief. Hard to say if it's a bug, so you can argue both ways. I think it's just better to leave the game as is
  • TeskalTeskal Member Posts: 10
    The problem is, that I learned the language. I had no reason to ask Dakkon to translate. If I do not understand the language of the Dabus, I could not find out that he does not tell me everything. That is why I call it a bug. There should be a reason to ask Dakkon to translate.
  • LaelapsLaelaps Member Posts: 10
    Yeah, that makes sense, currently you just have to guess that basically. There could be some small indication in Dakkon behavior to at least hint that he might know something more about Fell or might want to hide something
  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,311
    It's not necessary to use the Severed Arm to find out that Dak'kon is your bond slave. You can find this out just through normal conversation with Dak'kon by talking about his history and then demanding that he tell you the full story when he says "it is not my *will* to speak of this". This will, naturally, reduce Dak'kon's morale, but you can get it back up into positive territory (and get the Streaming Blade, if that's your goal) by completing the entire Circle of Zerthimon quest chain and telling Dak'kon about the 7th and 8th hidden Circles.

    You WILL need to use the Severed Arm and catch Dak'kon out in the lie if you want to learn about Xachariah though. I missed this too on my first playthrough years and years ago. I didn't even know Xachariah was a thing until years later when I was reading through the wiki. XD
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