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BG2:EE multiplayer connection issues


A friend and I have been playing through the Buldar's Gate series for quite some time and have always had some connectivity issues (usually takes several tried before he can connect to the game), but starting this past Friday we have been completely unable to connect. This happened a long time ago when we first started playing BG1EE, but at that time we were able to just use local direct connection and things worked fine. After some time we tried the remote connection option and it started working again. It worked for the most part, minus taking several tries to connect, all the way through BG1EE and SOD, and for the past few weeks on BG2EE. Then it just wouldn't work at all on Friday last week, and hasn't worked since.

Unlike in the past, we can't use the direct connection method because we aren't located on the same network (we play at break times at work as it is the only time we can play, but now we are in separate buildings and direct connect doesn't seem to pass through, I assume because of how the network is configured).

This is the Linux version on Steam

Version: I can't seem to find version info on steam, but it has the latest update of 2.6.6
OS: Debian 11
CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1650
GPU: Quadro K1200
RAM: 64gb (not sure on the RAM specs)

I am not sure what logs may have some needed info about this, so just let me know. I feel like the issue is probably not the game, but most likely stems from the network here. If I could figure out what exactly might be affecting connectivity I might find a workaround.

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