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Save game break bug

I know there’s already a bug and glitches thread but for PS4, there’s a bug that isn’t talked about and all and I see it’s a common occurrence on all versions; attempting to save the game crashes it.

Doesn’t matter if you start a new game, delete the game files and reinstall them, etc, the game does not let you save and it WILL crash every time.

Has anyone experienced this? I literally can’t do anything with my own game and I don’t see anyone discussing this specific save issue.


  • ichigoamuichigoamu Member Posts: 2
    edited November 2022
    Also experiencing this - it'll crash every so often during gameplay, but manually saving now crashes the game every time without fail. I'm literally 50 hours in right at the end of the game, so it's really frustrating. I'm playing through Steam. Have tried deleting all game files and reinstalling and it's still happening. Most of the crash logs are in the Infinity Engine folder, but there are a few in the Steam Project P directory too.
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  • ichigoamuichigoamu Member Posts: 2
    Just an update: the issue I was experiencing seems to be related to how the game handles having a lot of save files. I deleted maybe half of the save files directly from the PST - EE saves folder and now it seems to be working with no issues.
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