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Which is the best weapon to import from BG1 to BG2?

robotronrobotron Member Posts: 2
Just about to complete BG1 and was thinking about which weapon to take

The Burning Earth +1
Ashideena +2
Bala’s Axe, Wizard Slayer
Suryris’s Blade +2
The Grave Binder +2
Staff Spear +2
Staff Mace +2
Sling +3
Varscona +2
Krotan’s Skullcrusher +2
Kiel's Morning Star

based on how easy it is to find an better version early on in BG2 and companion's weapon proficiencies, from the bit of research i've done i'm leaning towards sling +3, but am anxious about leaving a gem of a weapon behind. (my main character only has Weapon Proficiency in katanas and two weapon type so that doesn't affect the choice here)

edit: actually i think Staff Mace is best for Jaheira


  • robotronrobotron Member Posts: 2
    thanks for the response, i won't stress about the choice too much then
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