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Really, Really Small Placeable

ZephiriusZephirius Member Posts: 173
So I was playing Tyrants of the Moonsea and in it they used that red floor design placeable titled (wait for it) "floor design", and they shrunk that placeable to about 1/5 of it's original size.

I'm just wondering how they did it, cause I want one, Ha! I've tried shrinking it myself but it appears to not work.
Anyone have any ideas on how to make these smaller or how they might have done it?


  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 876
    To scale a placeable, in the toolset or by script, uncheck the static box first.

    In the toolset, you can then scale in the Adjust Location pane.

  • ZephiriusZephirius Member Posts: 173
    I didn't think to uncheck the static box. I just automatically assume something is awry.
    Static boxes are the work of Beelzebub !

  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 876
    edited June 17
    Well, as a rule-of-thumb, the static box should not be checked unless the placeable is intended to be baked into the tileset forever, and never referenced, changed or animated in game.

    Fortunately, that applies to most placeables, so static is commonly the default. The advantage is that static objects remain just as visible as the tiles, whereas dynamic objects fade from view at around 45m.

    Now, scaling is a tricky case. You might think that scaling in the toolset could be baked in game. My guess is that it only works with static unchecked because it uses the same code in game as the new scripting functions, which by definition only work with dynamic objects. The same is true of animations - the toolset won't let you spawn an open chest, for example, unless static is unchecked.

    So, yes, work of Beelzebub...

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